Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oh Noes!! Wonkette Readers Are Old/Fat/Ugly Uncool Non-hipsters! Shocking Photo Evidence!

Wonkette's editor, one Rebecca Schoenkopf, is on a "meet & greet" tour through the USA. Does she think she is Hunter Thompson or Kerouac (her web photo says YES!). Will she meet with what one might expect-young trendy hipsters, ready with "snark" and bon mot's so cool that one dares to make a witty remark with trepidation? Read on for the shocking facts.

Readers of  "Wonkette' with its take downs of all things conservative, pro-life, "flyover country values" by cool named writes such as "Doctor Zoom" and "SNIPY" would think the readership sits around languidly, sipping expensive wines and spirits whilst casually making oh so witty snark.

But.... but what do we see? can it be so? Surely not?

 Schoenkopf has posted meet and greet photo's of the tiny "crowd" that showed up to her first drinky poo stop in Washington state (co-incidentally the same place where Sarah Palin, one of Wonkette's favorite victims, was holding a three quarters of the town in attendance turnout meeting). If Palin had received the turnout that Wonkette got the "snark" would have been hilarious-but since these are leftists the tiny turnout doesn't matter.

But we will see the visages of the young and beautiful, the hip and cool, the slim and gorgeous? Um..no we see the aged (not just old) the fat the unprepossessing and the ugly. Doctor Zoom (if that is-unbelievably-him or he) is, surely, someone's great grandad holding court with the plump and boring. I have often said to the anti-Palin snarkists who comment on her appearance "let's see what you look like then" but we never do. Now that we have an example of the Wonkette crowds physiognomy  the reasons why they snark in anonymity is clear.

They are exploded-ask not for whom the snark tolls-it snarks for thee Wonkette.

NB. I note that since Schoenkopf has left Wonkette the comments on the blogs by her remaining rag tag of second raters is terribly low. How it must hurt her to see such a drop (which, to be fair, is a malaise hitting all the left in the sudden light bulb moment about their hero President Obama). There is a simple solution. Instead of the 70 or so comments to posts, they should take note of the comments on posts they do about me which have responses heading towards the 1000 mark-problem solved.

Oh N.N.B. Here is me with Bob Dylan and Dion (behind the glass) when Dylan had just finished his first rock song. Whose the cool one eh Wonkette?

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