Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Whilst "Progressives At "Daily Kos" Look To Pandemics To Solve Unemployment, Look Whose Taxes Pay For Everything

The "progressive" left, having given up on their "Hope & Change" mirage leader whom they were suckered into putting in office. are also revealing their real feelings towards the working class they supposedly support.

Here's some quotes from despairing lib's about the intractable economic situation.

"Suppress birth rate. High unemployment and low wages sign we've too many people Nothing a global pandemic can't take care of"

A wit suggested I should present it in the "original German" an observation easily made, and made only half in jest one would imagine.

Speaking of things German, I presented an analysis of how that country emerged from utter devastation at the end of WW2 to become a world economic power and,with a wonderful example of side by side comparison, destroyed "East Germany" in economic comparisons.

To add corollary to why West German succeeded (low taxes plus good oversight to prevent monopoles etc and a free market with a stable currency) here is the answer to the leftists other bugbear which is basically "kill the rich".

Here is a table of who pays what percentage of the New Zealand governments tax take and how many people pay the percentages. New Zealand has a substantial welfare state and it is clear who pays for-the same "filthy immoral rich" the left rails at.

It has been remarked that leftism is simply a term to describe a jealous and immature state of mind (no matter how much it is dressed up in academic degrees and supposed learned papers). All the leftist revolutions,the MSM attachment to Obama like saviours and the leftist "satire" and "snark from the likes of "Wonkette" and of course Hollywood creating endless sit-coms attacking the basic standards of society are based on envy.

Here is the unvarnished truth:

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