Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Media Is To Blame For Verizon/IRS/Reuters-Rosen/Benghazi

Whilst commentators on the left are either giving up, having one more go at "Blame Bush" or joining in a chorus of  "they're all the same lib's & con's" each day seems to bring seemingly impossible news of attacks on personal liberties.

Whilst the Obama administration is clearly the facilitator of the now climate of fear in the light of the IRS/Reuters-Rosen/Benghazi and newly discovered Verizon scandals  the actual blame lies elsewhere.

Candidate Obama was elected in 2008 with the massive assistance of a conniving, facilitating,naive and ignorant media. It is no good whatsoever for any blame for their gross negligence to be assigned to "Bush fatigue" a genuine malaise at the time-or any other factor. the simple facts are that the media was derelict in its duty in its obsession to have Obama elected.

In the process they destroyed Hillary Clinton, who, whatever er faults,was at least experienced and would have had the counsel of her husband as president. What is finally becoming clear in retrospect to even the dimmest minds at enabling sites like Daily Kos and Gawker/Wonkette, is they were sold a bill of goods which they blindly and willingly bought without a moments thought.

What was strikingly obvious to anyone not bewitched by the media's siren song was that candidate Obama had no business in running for the presidency based on any obvious experience. The scandals of Wright and Rezco would have made anyone else campaign a joke but aided by the media he cruised through them all.

Sarah Palin's 2008 convention speech can be seen in retrospect as utterly and devastatingly correct at the time and prophetic for the future. her campaign comments about Ayers and her later comments about "death panels" as absolutely correct. For that she was subject to the most vile media campaign in living memory.

Now that the very media which put Obama in the White house is squealing about the attack on their own and some better persons are actually reporting and challenging the administration (too late of course) the scales have dropped-but at what terrible cost?

The remedy will be to shine the brightest light possible, not only on the administration but on those who enabled it. The second aspect will be for Palin to do as she did in 2010 and help to elect more genuine conservatives who will obstruct any further machinations from government and build to the restoration of honesty and decency in 2016

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