Monday, June 17, 2013

Desperate Wonkette Resorts To Photo Of Editor's Mammaries As Nobody Comes To Their Road Party

Wonkette's editor, one Rebecca Schoenkopf, has resorted to the truly desperate means of trying to garner attendance at her sad and lonely Wonkette "Wonk Off"  Road Show. Knowing that her audience of layabouts and perverts includes lesbians and older males, and she has, once again, thrown them pink meat in a scandalous and shocking display of her breasts.

here are some boobs you are welcome

This blatantly posed photograph, obviously and seductively designed to titillate her readers, includes a clearly phallic pole, a ball, and alludes to a "rack". Why has Schoenkopf resorted to such "come on" methods of promoting her tour?

The answer clearly is in the lack of attendance at her road stop jaunts at various bars (where she no doubt rightly would expect Wonkette readers to congregate). Further, the comments on her various posts about her meetings run into the sorry 60's (the exception being the photo above which of course received twice as many drool covered comments).

 It appears that only about a dozen lost souls, at most, attended (and in ultra-leftist Chicago!) despite the supposed attractions on offer. At least in this stop some of the attendees were youngish as compared to the fossils in previous stops (shocking photo evidence

This is not the first time the site, in its desperate attempt to gain readership has resorted to the blatant use of feminine flesh (see HERE   ) which led me to expose Wonkette as the Beast of the Apocalypse HERE. This is the site that attacks Sarah Palin for her demure and modest feminine appearance, whilst blatantly admitting its 400 Palin posts are solely there to get their rabid readership to froth and gibber whilst collecting "all your lovely munies."

The left proves there is no level of hypocrisy andmisogyny they will not stoop to, even to the level of basically using their own bodies, in the effort to denigrate hard working ordinary Americans.

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