Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fiorina's 9th In Row Poll Decline/Stasis-Campaign In Free Fall

New CNN Poll Fiorina at 3% September 9th

Fiorina collapse continues to 2.1% in Reuters poll despite massive media beat up and Real Clear Politics running two positive articles per day about her. May not make debate as in 12th place

UPDATE:Fiorina collapse continues unabated-down to 3% in new Economist YouGov poll

A new slate of polls shows Fiorina's continuous decline from the supposed "heights" of the media beat-up for her just after the first debate. Fiorina declined in four polls and today another 1 decline and static in anther. By any standards that is a campaign in serious free-fall;

New Iowa poll has her at 5% same as Gravis poll-a decline from 10% heights

And in New Hampshire the decline continues apace

The Establishment, and especially Fox News and even more especially Megyn Kelly have pushed the heck out of Carly Fiorina as the 'anti-Trump. They blew up her supposed "triumph" in the "B-grade" debate against a weak field and of course pushed her being a woman as the only antidote to Hillary.

Fiorina got a slight bump, especially in one minor poll which was to be expected considering she was polling at 1% so with all the publicity there was some interest generated. But it is quickly heading south.

One reason must be that with the exposure her past, especially her tenure at HP came under scrutiny but more than that her unrelenting attacks on Trump/Palin and Cruz and her support of Hillary have come to light or have been made known to the base. There is a catalogue of horrors at this


"13 Essential Things Conservatives Should Know About Carly Fiorina"

Since her brief  jump in the polls the trajectory has been downward or stuck around the 5% level. Some moves have been relatively small (some very large in proportion) but whatever the move it is downwards. I await the next polls from South Carolina, Georgia (5%), and New Hampshire to give the fullest picture. But what there is from other states and nationwide, as per below, is very clear in its direction.

Florida 7%  to  5%

Nationwide polling   8% to 4%

Iowa Polling   10% to 5%

Strategy Research Poll Alabama August 13th  8%

Gravis Poll Alabama August 29th 2.3%