Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Trumped" Cowed Media Takes Frustration Out On Palin

The media jumped the gun at the start of Donald Trump's campaign by not only writing him off, but doing so in the most obnoxious, vexatious, elitist manner and in tones of utter Beltway snobbery.

Sadly for them, and fortunately for the rest of us watching in bemused amusement their subsequent sitting at the table where massive helpings of crow is constantly being served, they not only got it wrong but spectacularly so.

Never in the history of the political media have so many been so wrong for so long. Never have so many memes been exploded, one after another, and in short order, than all their anti-Trump blatherings. 

I cataloged 3at which point I gave up as they were coming and going so quickly their brief and passing lives made it too difficult to keep up with.

The latest meme to be exploded is "Once Labor Day passes and the public turns their minds to serious things Trump will decline in the polls."
And of course Trump hits new heights in the latest CNN poll at 32% having more support than all the Establishment candidates combined.

That poll and three others with Trump over 30% comes after Bill Kristol opined that "Trump has hit his ceiling at 30%" another meme down the drain.

The media seem either exposed as hopelessly partisan, or utterly dim-witted despite all their credentials, or hacks under the collective thumbs of their paymasters or all of the preceding plus transfixed like a cobra under the sway of a fakir.

Is there any balm for their wounded egos, any target they can hit out at to recover their machismo after Trump has reduced them to whimpering, emasculated and impotent little boys and girls? Of course there is, and of course it is the favorite target of hate and derision-Sarah Palin.

What an outpouring of vile attacks, derision gibbering and frothing against Palin has spewed from the media since she addressed the anti-Iran treaty event in D.C. It is sadly reminiscent of the heights of the mad Andrew Sullivan, Daily Kos and Ezra Klein"JournOlist" Palin hate frenzy of 2008.

I counted five articles that were positive towards Palin, two of which were from Breitbart from among what Google advises were, so far 6,000 about her. 6,000 articles in two days on someone the media says is "irrelevant."

From "Morning Joe" to the clearly weird Geoffrey Dunn at Huffington Post
to Politico's Roger Simon, who seems bizarrely obsessed, the media has launched a thousand ships of verbal abuse at Palin. But to what purpose and avail?

They can't hurt her in any way or fashion. She is not running for office, she isn't contracted to Fox (and has had a much higher media inter-action subsequently and with her own requirements) and doesn't need to worry about poll figures, popularity levels in the polls, or, which must be most galling, about what the media think about her.

Nothing the media say or do will affect Palin's standing with her millions of supporters who the media, idiotically, categorize as 'a right wing fringe." In fact all it does is solidify their support in the face of such unfair and unbalanced criticism.

The punditry have succeeded in making fools of themselves over Trump, have lost whatever level of power they used to have over the course of the political scene, and have now compounded their foolishness by exposing their resultant hate and irrationality. 

By attacking Palin who, like Trump, is utterly impervious to their squalid vituperousness they hasten their descent into genuine irrelevancy.