Monday, September 7, 2015

Trump At 36% In Major Poll Up 100%. Gets 36 % Of Black Vote 28% Hispanic

The latest Economist/YouGov Poll has some astounding results for Donald Trump, devastating results for the rest of the GOP field and even more devastating results for the pundits and their memes.

In the preferred candidate amongst GOP voters Trump is at 36% -an astounding 25 points ahead of Dr.Carson in second place with Jeb Bush was back on 8% and the media pushed Fiorina in free fall at 3% which is her 7th poll in a row decline.

Against the media memes Trump has 36% of Black's support (compared to zero for Carson in this poll!)
and leads with Hispanics at 28% compared to supposed major receiver of Hispanic support Jeb Bush who is only at 15%. Trump leads decisively in every age group every income group and every ethnicity polled