Saturday, September 5, 2015

Washington Post's Cillizza's 7 Year Bitch

You might imagine Chris Cillizza, who spouts his political guff at The Washington Posts's "The Fix' opinion opinion site would, after having have made an embarrassing back down over his "no one should take Trump seriously rant, would have learned some humility. But no, he posted an article on Governor Palin's debut seven years ago and descended into classic Beltway hate snark.

What amazes me is that these leftist site journOlists (sic) don't even make a pretense of being even handed, but just let their prejudices and their elitism hang in plain site. What is also amazing is that Palin can elicit such blatant cynicism seven years after her debut. 

The shock she delivered in 2008 at the GOP convention to the object of their affection Obama clearly still resonates in the leftist media's collective consciousness.

Cillizza wrote her obituary in 2013 but she's still here, with a possible/probable cabinet post in the offing and Cillizza's still spouting off his un-magnificent obsession at the backblogs of the Washpost.

What the hell Cillizza meant by "(Palinbegan turning on everyone, including the man who had vaulted her to the national stage." is an unfathomable (and on the face of it a disgusting) mystery. Palin has only had good things to say and in fact took hard knocks from conservatives for campaigning for McCain's re-election

Cillizza pumps out another in the "sorrow and the pity" crocodile tears spite article which fools nobody. The same leftist media which mounted the most vicious attack on anyone I have ever seen in my lifetime has the unbelievable gall to advise that it was all Palin's fault for hitting back.

 When Cillizza can provide an article which advises that Michelle Obama's two daughters are not really hers (and the product of incest) or President Obama incited a madman to attempt an assassination, then I will agree with his premise.

Cillizza ends his latest if only "Seven Years Ago.... " piece;

"What came next -- both in that 2008 race and then everything that followed it reduced Palin from a star politician to a sort-of celebrity to, now, something less than that.
But watching her 2008 convention speech again today reminded me of how much talent and potential she had at one time. It's impossible to watch just how good she was in that speech and think her story -- politically speaking, at least -- would end the way it did."
Only a buffoon would call Palin "something less than a sort-of-celebrity." Lets just look at the other side of the ledger:
21 of 23 candidates Palin endorsed for the 2014 mid-terms won-an unmatched (especially by Rove/Hillary) performance
Of the 21 a number of prominent candidates would not have even got to the general elections without Palin's help in the primaries Ben Sasse/Deb Fischer would not be senators and probably Joni Ernst as well. Pat Roberts was staring defeat in the face until Palin intervened-as he admits.
Bill Walker-an Independent and Byron Mallot a Dem! would not be, respectivelyGovernor and Lt.Governor of Alaska without Palin's intervention in the election
Ted Cruz would not be a senator nor running for president, as he happily admits, if it were not for Palin.
Palin's endorsement and active campaigning is one of the most sort after benefits from candidates-especially those connected to the base.
Palin's interview with Donald Trump has had over 3,000,000 views on YouTube alone.
Palin has Facebook and Twitter followers in the millions and her every statement is immediately picked up by the media (and often overseas media).
Now she is free of Fox her media profile will only grow-witness her OAN sting and her upcoming interview  with Jake Tapper whilst Cillizza would be a talking head of zero interest
Palin has obviously formed a working relationship with Donald Trump and woudl be a powerful aid to his campaign if he gets the nomination.It is not beyond the bounds of possibilty that he could pick her as his running mate and clearly a cabinet role is  in the offing.
Why Cillizza continues to lower himself and his profession is a mystery-but perhaps the media just can't let go of their Palin hate which in the end makes fools out of them. I see a clearly  happy and content Palin who continues as a person of massive interest and influence and clearly see who has had the last laugh-with perhaps a well deserved guffaw to come