Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Poll:Conservative"Trump Block" 61% Highest Level Yet (+29 points)

I've  explored previously how in poll after poll what I deem as the "Trump Block i.e. those current candidates who are ideologically aligned on the base/conservative side are polling between 48% to 56%.

This fact, which flies in the face of all the "experts" and pundits who have consistently advised that Trump is a flash in the pan, and that the GOP nominee will come from the Establishment side-i.e Jeb Bush. 

The poll results I have highlighted have not seen a single mention from any of the leftist media for good reason-it just doesn't fit their political view and it makes a mockery of their prognostications. More to the point their utter disdain of the base of the GOP.

They can run but they can't hide from the facts which are that in the new Monmouth poll which is perfectly aligned with the last five polls I examined, not only has the "Trump Base" increased in support to its highest level at 61%, but the *first two on the list  from the "Trump block" have 48%".

The "Establishment" candidates total just 32% and Rand Paul 2%. This blows away the pundits claim that if Trump fails the preferred Establishment candidate i.e. Jeb Bush or perhaps Kasich (who has collapsed to 2%)  would then pick up the pieces and run away with it.

In the aggregate Polling The Trump Group is still over 50% at 54.4% (see below)

The point that if Trump did fail his support is unlikely  go to Bush and would go to either Carson or Cruz. But such is the disdain of the base by the pundits that they can only see the scenario that suits them, which has been  the case with Trump from the inception.

 On the other hand it can be plausibly argued that some of Walker's support would flow to the current "Trump Block" if he pulled out which would, on current polling put the group at  +/- 63% a much more likely scenario than the pundits concept.

*Trump 30% Carson 18% Cruz 8% Huckabee 4 %  Perry 1%  Santorum 0% Jindal 0%  Total 61%