Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Trump's Supporters Have Had It Easy Now Will Have To Step Up To The Plate

Let's be honest, Trump supporters have had the easiest possible ride. From July when Trump started to take off in the polls the path forwards has been lit by the never ending glorious days of a summer benighted by even the slightest drizzle to spoil the picnic.

The polls have been one way traffic upwards, the media coverage for Trump has been endless, he has carried himself outstandingly well shrugging of what the media advises are "gaffes that would have killed anyone else's campaign stone dead."

And, lets be honest, it has been a guilty (actually not so guilty) pleasure ridiculing all the pundits who have stumbled from one meme to another 
(36 so far). 

"Trump won't run/Trump won't declare his income/Trump won't break 20%/25%/30%" and etc etc.  To see the likes of Bill Kristol, George Will and so many others of the Beltway pundit class come unstuck is a marvelous spectacle.

 So to is the sight of the utterly elitist snobs like David Brooks frothing and gibbering in frustration that the hoi poloi have a successful champion who is so below the elites "standards."

But all things must pass, and summer eventually turns to winter and the fun and games cease when the harsh chilly winds blast across the heretofore bountiful political Trumpian landscape.

In other words the Establishment, their candidates and their paid lackeys in the media, will now turn their fullest attention to trying to destroy Trump.

And of course the moneyed interest will pull out all stops:

They will try to do this in a number of ways. As the clear eyed scribe at Hillary is 44 writes, one method will be to prop up stooges;

The JeBush strategy now is pump up the latest pawn assigned to bring down Trump then take down the pawn once his job is done. The latest pawn for JeBush is Dr. Ben Carson (tomorrow it will be Fiorina). Big Media will pump up the doctor with polls that have six percent margins of error and small (376 Republicans) sample sizes. Anything to bring up the Dynasty ratings and save JeBush. But state and national polls show Trump trumping and Gentle Ben down in the ratings along with Dynasty.

By using pressure groups with big money to spend:

"Destroy The Donald. That threat has been coming for months from the Club for Growth but on Tuesday the influential free-enterprise advocacy group finally put its money where its mouth has been.The group’s political arm is launching a $1 million advertising campaign in Iowa starting later this week, branding Trump “the worst kind of politician.”

By using noted journalists:

"Analytical" articles  on Carson "Is Ben Carson The Next Trump" based on ridiculous polls like the CBS one of only 331 Republicans with a 6 point margin of error.

And with the Beltway minions alternating their "Trump is destroying the GOP "electable" candidates by bringing the GOP into disrepute", with "Trump will be destroyed in, variously, one month, two months" and with  Jay Cost pushing the goalposts even further out;

" If he is still in first place by the new year, the candidates, their super-PACs, and outside groups will blanket the airwaves with attacks on his many deviations from conservative orthodoxy. That will surely be the end."

The path ahead will be totally different from what has gone before for Trump supporters who have, too date, only known success and have not had to make much of a fight for their champion.

That's now done, and was great fun while it lasted. From the next debate the media and the powers that be will throw the proverbial kitchen sink at Trump. Supporters will take their lumps and pay their dues in the social media battleground in the Blogosphere and where possible in the media.

Trump has given so much, of his money, his energy his time and supporters have had an easy ride due to his efforts. If he is to succeed, against what will be massive, and hateful odds and opponents, it is now time to gird loins and give back. It will be an ugly fight but with Trump supporters on the side of the Angels it will be winnable.

It's time to step up to the plate.