Tuesday, September 15, 2015

NEW! Memes 32-36 Media's Trump Memes From"He Won't Run To Ummm""

I detailed the media's attempts at self parody/immolation and their elitism/hate/snobbery/bias their leftist leanings and prejudice and their clearly poor to non-existent prognostication skills:

Updated; Now 31! Stages Of The Media's Trump Memes From "He Won't Run To Ummm"

I would have expected that at some point the reality of Trump's ever ascending poll results, both nationally and in the key primary states, would have curbed their wilder excesses. Yes, in some cases (as detailed at the link) this has happened, how could it not? 

But still the die hards in the political Establishment persist in not seeing the wood for threes-so strong are their prejudices, links to the gravy train and just plain willful blindness that they persist  in making fools of themselves over Trump.

And who am I to stop them? I just chronicle their foolishness which I trust gives some amusement to some and opens the eyes of others who may have, in all innocence, believed there is such a thing as non-biased media or, in general political journalists (or "JournOlists" to be exact).

We can now add the next in the series of Trump is finished/will be finished/will likely be finished memes. The greatest meme of all "Trump has no chance/will not win/has a 2% chance of getting the nomination" lies ahead for another day. 

Once that has passed the final meme "Trump has no chance of beating Hillary" (or whomever) will be the ultimate meme. The number of "pundits" who have uttered those lines as they trod the boards is legion but we will have enormous pleasure in addressing them and their auguries in due course.


Meme 32; "Trump has peaked"
Charlie Cooke; "All summer, Trump’s demise has been predicted wrongly. Still, my hunch is that it is finally about to begin, that his act is starting to wear thin, even among people who love his rhetoric and fight"

Meme 33; "Trump will never break 30%"

Bill Kristol's Tweeted prognostication the day before Trump hit 35%. Trump has had 9 consecutive polls at 30% or more and his aggregate is over 30%

"Bill Kristol Has Been Wrong About Donald Trump’s Imminent Demise at Least 10 Times" (Actually it's eleven times)

Meme 34; "As candidates fall out of the reckoning Trump will decline as he goes head to head with the Establishment candidate/s"

Trump has more support than all the Establishment candidates COMBINED

Meme 35; "Carson will overtake Trump"
Charlie Cooke again :Watch for Carson to be the immediate beneficiary" (of Trump's demise)

Carson has never led Trump in any state or nationwide poll since July

Meme 35; "Trump only speaks in generalities and has no policy planks whatsoever"

The three core principles of Donald J. Trump's immigration plan"
"The 5-Part Donald Trump Economic Plan Unveiled" (this is an outline the official plan will be released in a few weeks")

Meme 36: When Labor Day passes and people start paying attention to politics Trump will decline  in the polls and the establishment candidates will rise"

See below: