Friday, October 30, 2015

UPDATE#3: 3rd Post Debate Poll & 8th In A Row Post CBS Poll Has Trump Leads


Ipsos/Reuters poll to October 30th

New Rasmussen post debate poll
Confirms trend of IBD post debate poll;

"Trump earns 26 percent support among GOP voters, followed closely by retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 21 percent. Rubio is in a distant third at 10 percent support, showing that Rubio's solid performance hasn't translated into significantly higher numbers, at least not yet.
Rubio is just one percentage point ahead of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush." 

IBD Polling which produced the ridiculous poll "Trump is in second place at 17%" weeks ago has redeemed itself with the first post debate non-online poll.Fox's Megyn Kelly pushed the last IBD poll let's see if she does so with the latest.

Saturday, October 31
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2016 Republican Presidential NominationIBD/TIPP

Trump 28, Carson 23, Rubio 11, Cruz 6, Bush 6, Fiorina 3, Huckabee 1, Paul 2, Kasich 1, Christie 1, Graham 0, Jindal 2, Santorum 1, Pataki 0  Trump +5

For all the Rubio hoopla he is at 11% and when he is subject to the media blowtorch scrutiny is will be interesting to see if he doesn't join previous media (Fox) GOP Establishment favorite Fiorina who has descended to 3%-back where she started before she became the great Anti-Trump hope

The IBD Poll is the 6th in a row to show Trump well ahead after the also ridiculous CBS poll with it's 7 point margin of error which was, like the previous IBD poll used to try and beat up on Trump

That's four plus the Gravis poll is five and now IBD is six.

"Overall, the poll found Trump still leading nationwide, with 32.7 percent of voters saying they would vote for him today, with Carson still a solid second at 22.6 percent."

Fox touted IBD with gusto -let's see if Megyn Kelly does so now.

Here's the Huffington Post "Poll of Polls" aggregate which includes all polls

And the similar Real Clear Politics aggregate which includes selected,non-online polls-not much between them and the best guide to accuracy as aggregation smooths out outliers like CBS.