Monday, January 4, 2016

"Hidden Primary" On Twitter Points To Not Only A Trump Win But A Revolution

I linked to an article at the inestimable "Conservative Treehouse The Last Refuge" which in my, and clearly a substantial number of others, mind is one of the "go to" sites for outstanding on the ball conservative thinking. 

A number of, unprecedented for me, things eventuated. My followers number went up by the largest number over a few days period than ever before and the views of two of
my articles (both linked by "Conservative Treehouse" ) will be around 8000 which is a lot for my site. But over and beyond this appreciated increase in traffic a fascinating to me, and upon conclusion of this post hopefully not only fascinating but encouraging to others, insight came into view.

My Twitter Tweet  linking to an article at "The Conservative Treehouse" was re-Tweeted 59 times. This of itself is not so dramatic as I have had a number of re-Tweets exceeding that amount (especially a Re-tweet from Donald Trump). What was of great interest was the Tweeters themselves.

I am not going to image the individual Tweeters profiles and comments, although they are more or less by their very nature in the public domain, as I respect their privacy. Rather it is the facts of who they are, where they are from and, most significantly I believe, how many followers they have.

Usually when I look at the bio's of the people who re-Tweet my Tweets or link to my articles, they have what I consider a substantial number of followers at least 1000 plus. And in general they are politically active with often tens of thousands of tweets of their own and their own blogs.

However, the great majority of the 59 who re-Tweeted me presented a striking and, I firmly believe, to Donald Trump, a greatly encouraging profile. Person after person had followers well below 100. In many cases follower numbers were in the 20's, and their Tweet  numbers were very low. Their personal profiles ranges from "Grandma" "Retiree" "Christian Mom" and the like across middle America from small to medium towns to small cities.

But what bound these good people together was a fierce loyalty to Donald Trump. Many had fashioned Trump signage on their profiles, and others had his photo with messages about "taking America back" and the like.

I have been on Twitter for some time now and I have never experienced so many people clearly new to politics being so enthused about a politician. It is these Mom and Pop flyover country folks energized for Trump who have confounded pundits/Establishment.

One of the many pundits memes about Trump is "his supporters, especially those who have been non-voters in the past, will not show up to vote." It seems very clear to me that the pundits are utterly disconnected with the massive earthquake that is coming their way, and to the Establishment as these average Americans, who have felt left behind by the Beltway system and the run of the mill politicians, enter the polling booths for Trump.

The revolution is here and is hidden from the media, but if they had access to the depth of feeling as illustrated in these Tweets the shock that is coming to them would not be so dramatic. 

But coming it is and it will be delivered by "Grandma in Pensacola for Trump" and millions like her.

NB; I was asked the following question in respect of this article (which is totally valid)
"Hi Mr Sheppard are not these pages of 20 or so followers Fake ? Ie set up by the same person"
The bio's are clearly of real people. Not all have Trump imagery, more of their cats/dogs grandkids etc and the words are clearly non-professional.Thanks
If I had published the Tweets (which I will not do for privacy reasons as stated) I believe the kind question would not have arisen as the sincerity and validity would be obvious. I would be confident that anyone on twitter who has received similarTweets would be satisfied in their own mind that they were genuine.