Friday, January 22, 2016

It Seems Clear The GOP Ticket Will be Trump/ Paul 2016

Former Rand Paul supporter to back Donald Trump with new super PAC

"Amy Kremer, a co-founder who will also serve as TrumPAC's spokeswoman, told Politico that the group had already raised a six-figure amount in donations. with the first primary nominating contests right around the corner, the super PAC plans to air TV ads and engage in other voter activities..."

For at least the second time Donald Trump advised he believed Sarah Palin would not wish to be his vice-presidential candidate.

"Trump insisted he hasn't considered vice presidential candidates yet, he said he doubts Palin would be interested because "she's been through that,"

Although Trump makes it clear that a role in his administration, outside of the vice-presidency, is open to Palin "if she is interested in it" he also stated that he had not, in Iowa, discussed any roles prior to her endorsement of him. That of course is right and proper and removed any attacks on either of them for "endorsing for gain."

However it might be considered that in their numerous meetings over the years the VP situation could have been canvassed. For Trump to make the statement that he doubted Palin "would be interested" is either his personal observation or the result of a conversations with Palin about the matter. Observers can make their own minds up as to which might be the case.

There would be a myriad of reason as to why Palin would not wish to run. If that is indeed the case, they range from, at least, family considerations (which are manifest) to not wishing to leave her beloved Alaska on a long term basis, to her being happy in the role she seems to have chosen, that of a populater of Congress through her endorsements-perfect proof of her maxim"you don't need to have a title to make a difference."

Any or all of those reasons being the decider,if that were the case, the question then arise as to who Trump might choose as his running mate. I have canvassed a number of possible teammates including Susanna Martinez, Brian Sandoval and Mike Huckabee all of whom have significant positives going for them.

I did not consider Senator Rand Paul at any stage, mainly because he is currently a competitor, but it appears Palin herself has placed him firmly not only in the mix but right on top of it. Further Trump himself advised he saw no reason why one of the current candidates for the GOP nomination could not be his running mate.

But then, and seemingly inexplicably in the middle of her endorsement of Donald Trump for president with the entire media and millions watching Palin said this;

“Let me say something really positive about one of those individuals: Rand Paul,” Palin said. “I’m going to tell you about that libertarian streak in him that is healthy, because he knows, you only go to war if you’re determined to win the war! And you quit footin’ the bill for these nations who are oil-rich, we’re paying for some of their squirmishes that have been going on for centuries. Where they’re fightin’ each other and yellin’ ‘Allah Akbar’ calling Jihad on each other’s heads for ever and ever. Like I’ve said before, let them duke it out and let Allah sort it out.”
Now some may choose to believe that Palin inserted that comment at such a critical time without any thought to its singularity in the context. Some may believe that Donald Trump would have been blissfully unaware that the comment, about a competitor, was coming at the moment he was being endorsed. If they choose to believe that, well good, but I don't for one second.

Some may also choose to believe that this is also coincidental

"Ron Paul: Donald Trump winning GOP nomination is "realistic"

If, a seems logical, the statement about Rand Paul was made at that critical juncture for a reason the question naturally arises as to why?
There are a number of possible answers it seems to me. It may well be that Trump, sensing that Rand Paul will shortly leave the primary campaign (he has his senate re-election to consider) may find it of value to have both Palin and Paul campaigning for him. He might consider that should he lose for some reason Trump, who rewards loyalty, might find a role for him  (or who knows-an economic advisory role for his father Ron Paul) in his administration.
What might Trump gain from Rand's endorsement? There is a dedicated army of "Paul-ite's" who hold to a general libertarian viewpoint. if their activism could be garnered to the Trump campaign in the primary and in the general election, it could be a valuable asset. Their faction added to the Tea Party Evangelical/conservative/Palin-ite faction the "Perot-ite's blue collar Reagan Dem's and North Eastern Trump-ite's would have the making of a formidable coalition.
The Paul faction would be cemented in with him as Trump's running mate without alienating any of the other factions. Rand does not generate rabid animosity from the leftist media and the "progressive hate blogs and would be seen as a genial, intelligent and moderate individual. He was endorsed by Governor Palin and the Tea Party so his conservative bona fides are in order.
Yes Rand Paul has made some campaign noises about Trump even after Palin's shout out, which he has to otherwise he would have to admit his campaign was over.  But by and large they are basically harmless and much less damaging than GWB Bush's "voodoo economics" attacks on Reagan which didn't cost him the vice-presidency.  
Discussing the Palin/Trump situation with Jake Tapper Rand noted she included him in her endorsement possibilities a few weeks ago and expressed his desire for her endorsement. His attack on Trump boiled down to "he's not a real conservative." He can discover that Trump is one later after discussions. As for his "Trump is "Gollum" he advised "in some ways he represents the [pursuit of power]." All that would be well forgotten later in the year.

Would Rand give up his senate seat for a shot at the vice-presidency? That of course would determine how far this concept went. If he could he run for the office and the senate at the same time as LBJ did in Texas might also be a determining factor.
Chris Matthews predicted "The Republican nominee for president in 2016 will be....Rand Paul. I know I am a professional" He may well be almost right and his crystal ball was a bit murky and the "vice- wasn't clear.
Trump/Paul 2016? I think so (unless Sarah does wish the role of course!). Whether "the ticket" means a coalition of forces or the actual team remains to be seen-but either one or both will happen