Sunday, January 24, 2016

Worse Than 2008 The Entire Media has Gone Totally Palin Deranged

Since Sarah Palin announced that she was to endorse Donald Trump there have been, according to Google search, over 10,000, yes TEN THOUSAND, articles about her. I struggled to find any that were positive about her and after much wading through a sewer whose fetid waters ran knee high, found *six.

In 2008 Palin had a brief hiatus from this sort of thing, after the media had a trial run at her, mainly because the media and the entire left were stunned speechless after her roof raising Convention address.

Then, as McCain came from way behind in the polls to at one point a near double digit lead over Obama and Palin was attracting crowds of 20,000 the media of all stripes, especially the blogosphere went into Alinskyite overdrive.

No rumor was to far fetched, no salacious gossip too tawdry, no family detail to intimate, no conspiracy theory too crazed to not be given given full bore treatment. She was having an affair, getting divorced, pretending her Daughter's son was her own and so many other examples it would take a full column just to detail them. Nothing like this had been seen since the day of the Jefferson/Hamilton competing slur newspapers.

When Palin showed little interest in pursuing an elective career the media attention dropped off except for the ludicrous examination of her emails and the crazy conspiracy theory blogs whose only existence seems to be to give a forum for the wilder fringes of society who are obsessed with Palin.

When there were indications that palin might run in 2012 the media started to crank up again but because the initial focus was on the Republican primary , which was not a threat to the left, the attacks were generally mild. When she decided against running it was left to the crazies to keep the Palin derangement ticking over.

But now the media has gone insane, their is no other way of describing the situation.

The liberal women at the New York Times Collins/Dowd allied to Peggy Noonan have dusted off their sharpest tongues in a display of cattiness which is absurdly pathetic.Their counterpart at the Los Angeles Times Robin Abcarian tossed her mixture of acid coated red meat at her liberal audience.
But I can't begin to do justice to the degree of madness that the media has shown this week by singling out those particular harpies-a simple Google search "Sarah Palin' will bring a seemingly endless list of hate filled articles.

Perhaps the question"what on earth is this all about" is best left for professionals from the various branches of psychology as clearly their is some sort of collective neuroses happening which has no roots in any sort of rationality whatsoever. After all Palin is, by the media's standards "irrelevant/finished/diminished" with appeal to "a small audience of conservatives."

If that is how they see it why then such an outpouring of venom? My best guess is Palin is a scapegoat for the media's failing to stop Trump. They have never encountered someone so dismissive of their "power" so Teflon coated against their slings and arrows. They have never been made, en mass, to look so utterly foolish now that their initial dismissive and arrogant statements about Trump (he will not run/has a ceiling of 20% etc etc) have all been proven wrong.

Then along comes Palin to endorse Trump and all their anger is directed at her as a surrogate because they know their bullets are wasted against Trump. It is all so silly because hitting her doesn't affect him at all and just shows his supporters how desperate and arrogant the media are. In the meantime Palin cares not one jot what they say as she isn't running for office. And,as has been the case with all of these schemes they have rebounded against the media as Trump's polls went straight up in Iowa and nationally after she endorsed him.

The Trump/Palin alliance has acted a sort of giant beacon that has cast light in the utter darkness of the dying media's dank place of refuge and like cockroaches they scurry hither and thither leaving their droppings around whilst the big boot of the voters descends on them. 

It is poetic justice that a small town mayor is bringing the whole rotten edifice down on the heads of the scribes of Babbleon.


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