Saturday, January 23, 2016

Poll; Who Is Palin Article "Queen Snark Bitch"?

Since Governor Palin announced in Iowa that she was endorsing Donald Trump for president in an address to thousands attending and millions watching on various media (because she's so "irrelevant/diminished/a faded star" etc) there have been over 10,000 articles about her according to Google.

Amongst the 95%+ hate attacks, the MSM is literally deranged by this woman who holds no office,
the real standout attacks have been from a collective of harpies that puts Macbeth's cauldron attenders to shame.

But who is the Queen of the haters? Certainly Maureen Dowd *** has a good turn of phrase; 

"Palin has done us a favor by proving that a woman can stumble, babble incoherently on stage and spew snide garbage"

Gail Collins  "Palin is really falling apart"is a good light heavyweight, whilst dear old Peggy Noonan waffles enchantingly to her own demons.

The Wonkette crazies Schoenkopf and Gray bring their unique bile driven "progressive "feminism" which allows Palin being called every filthy name and continues the time honored traditon of allowing comments that Trig is not Palin's son.

But there can be only one "Queen Bee" Who is your choice??

*** Maureen Dowd and Revenge of the Homely Redhead at 'American Thinker'