Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Trump's Latest State/Nationwide Poll Analysis-Cruz Decline Confirmed Trump Huge Leads

UPDATE 3 Cruz collapse continues as I predicted December 25th
Latest Ipsos Reuters 5 day tracking poll after Palin endorsement of Trump,This is the second poll post Palin to have Trump over 40%

The graph is striking

UPDATE 2;Establishment's hopes crash after massive fall of 14 points for Kasich in New Hampshire from 2nd place to 6th
Trump leads Cruz by 20 points

UPDATE:Trump blows away the field in North Carolina Trump 38% Cruz 16%

From PPP Polling (Dem)

Trump Keeps Gaining in NC; Clinton Maintains Huge Lead

North Carolina was the first place polling ever found Donald Trump leading the Republican Presidential race, and he just keeps getting stronger. PPP's newest poll finds him at 38% to 16% for Ted Cruz, 11% for Marco Rubio, 8% for Ben Carson, 6% each for Mike Huckabee and Jeb Bush, 4% for Chris Christie, 3% each for Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul, 2% for John Kasich, and 1% for Rick Santorum.
Trump's support is up 5 points from a month ago when he was at 33%. The only other candidate who's seen a real gain in their support is Huckabee, who's climbed from 2% to 6%. The main hopeful dropping is Ben Carson, who's fallen from 14% to 8%. Besides Carson the only person to see their support decline by more than a point is Marco Rubio, who's dropped 3 points from 14% to 11%.
Perhaps the most striking finding from this poll is that not only does Trump lead the GOP field, he also has the highest favorability rating of any of the candidates in it. 62% see him favorably to 30% with a negative opinion. No one else has over a 60% favorability- Huckabee comes closest at 58/21

The Reuters Ipsos 5 Day Tracking Poll; Cruz hit his highest point on January 16th at 18.9% (the purple line) and decline is clear. Trump is where his average has been since mid-December. there was some silly new years day blip upwards which is distortion his long term averages.

Real Clear Politics Poll of polls shows same trends;

At Huffington Post Trump's poll of poll average and ascendancy is clear;

Two new national polls show Trump's locked in lead;

In the state polls Trump leads everywhere;Cruz in disaster zone in New Hampshire

Astounding new poll from Florida.Their last poll Nov 16th had Trump 36%