Friday, January 15, 2016

M.Joseph Sheppard Post Report 1/15:Debate Reflections And Much More

Over at "Trump And Palin 2016; Establishment hypocrisy on glaring display;

Seven Years Later Media Thinks It's Safe To Exonerate Palin


Nikki Haley was given her moment in the spotlight, a once in a lifetime chance to cement a major position in the political scene. A Governor of a deep south state, of ethnic descent, a woman, a Palin endorsee and, to many a blank slate on which to launch a national career.

Put in the position of answering President Obama's State of the Union address by the Republican Establishment she had the option of turning it down "because I am my own woman and will not deliver someone else's agenda." or she could have accepted the role but stated she would deliver her own message. But, showing she fell victim to the SOTU curse .

But, all on her own, Haley showed her lack of political nous and took the worse possible option.

Haley attacked Trump and showed herself a tool of the establishment at a time when the D.C. crowd is on the back foot. She attacked Trump when everyone who has done that has failed miserably. She then attacked the Establishment candidates and backtracked on the attack. An utter disaster and unless Jeb or Rubio do a Lazarus she has ruled herself out of the VP sweepstakes. She also has alienated the southern conservatives who were reminded of her Confederate flag removing and alienated the Palin supporters who now see her as ungrateful after Palin endorsed her and made her election possible.

Mike Huckabee, who will be out after Iowa, advised he can support Trump (as did Rand Paul). There is a good case for him as Trump's vice-president which I explored at;

A Dialogue; "The Case For (And Against) Trump/Huckabee 2016"


In religious news there's this

And in Democratic Party considerations

If Hillary goes-vastly credible for a Dem team endorsed by Bill & Hillary ready to step in


As for the debate-my thoughts and interactions and comments I thought were especially good;

"Is Palin Trump's Trump Card In Iowa?" if she endorses it's game over for the other candidates

    1. Re; the debate 'Speaking of China Shanghai down another massive 3.5% today.Would Cruz really best for that or Trump? Dow continues decline into bear territory in worst start to a year ever

    2. People's empathy and sympathy for 9/11 always deeply honored. Those of us who were in NYC or had family feel it a personal Trump-ian level
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      Retweeted M.Joseph Sheppard (): if Trump can win New York state on this he's won the...
    4. if Trump can win New York state on this he's won the presidency.Cruz may have given Trump the biggest boost ever
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    5. Mia Farrow on NY Values
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    6. My favorite moment was Cruz applauding Trump for attacking him over New York comment

    7. Sean Hannity actually called out Steve Hayes on his anti-Trump bias and he got mad and took it out on Hannity,Crowley and Peter Johnson.
    8. "Trump Rents Iowa Theater To Show Benghazi Movie free to Iowans." And Cruz gave it free publicity! Difference between a winner and a loser
    9. Now-if Gov.Palin can appear at Trump's next Iowa rally that should seal the deal and the entire campaign can end/unite around Trump
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      Finally, I was very pleased that Cruz finally got off the Trump teet. The problem is Trump is actually good at this debate stuff now.
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      gives a pitch-perfect response on "New York values." Perfect tone too.
    12. Sean Hannity was a registered Conservative Party voter in NYC How does he feel about Cruz NY comments?

    13. CNN panel dumbfounded "perhaps we've been in the DC bubble too long and Trump is right" Biggest losers tonite

    1. That'll do this NYC conservative
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    2. Megyn Kelly and Krauthammer are saying that Trump ruled the night with his New York answer. LOL
    3. Rubio 'What's up with all the blinking, sweating & licking his lips?"
    4. This New York City Conservative (Central Park South-heartland NYC) for Trump

    1. Shanghai down 4%. 800 points in 3 months. U.S. 'prosperity" tied to a shinking ship. Trump better than Cruz/Hillary
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    2. Re; the debate 'Speaking of China Shanghai down another massive 4% today.Would Cruz really best for that or Trump?

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    when you run for President of a country by bashing its biggest city
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    Sorry Cruzers, there is No control of the damage that your guy wreaked tonight. Hateful display of Anti-Americanism

  3. Stephen Hayes rants & admits he was wrong about Trump all along-will do so?