Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Huckabee Next After Palin To Endorse Trump.Final Blow To Cruz

UPDATE: PPP polling (Dem) finds that in North Carolina Huckabee comes second only to Trump in favorability rating

Perhaps the most striking finding from this poll is that not only does Trump lead the GOP field, he also has the highest favorability rating of any of the candidates in it. 62% see him favorably to 30% with a negative opinion. No one else has over a 60% favorability- Huckabee comes closest at 58/21
After the dramatic endorsement of Donald Trump in Iowa by Governor Palin (which event I forecast/presented) what could be the final nail in the coffin of Senator Cruz's GOP nomination campaign is in Mike Huckabee's hands.

Now Trump has shored up his conservative bona fides with Palin's endorsement, and her bona fides, Tea Party and Evangelical support are unquestioned, any residual Evangelical support which is still on the fence, or aligned to Government Huckabee could be crucial in what may be a tight contest between Trump and Cruz.

Huckabee has advised he would pullout of the race if he did poorly in Iowa and probably endorse Trump. If there was little chance of Huckabee doing well in Iowa before it must be next to nothing today. 

If Huckabee, who is no fool, took the opportunity of pulling out of the race and endorsing Trump the political rewards would be much higher than anything he might expect from staying in the race or endorsing Trump after losing.

I wrote previously** that a Trump/Huckabee ticket has a lot going for it. If such thoughts are also in both men's minds then a Huckabee endorsement at this possibly crucial time, could go a long way in cementing the concept in Trump's mind and preparing the GOP voters, and wider public, for the possibility.

Cruz has, undoubtedly taken a number of hits today with not only the Palin endorsement of Trump but the very popular Iowa Governor Branstad imploring voters to reject Cruz. 

If Huckabee, who won the Iowa primary with Evangelical's support when he was a candidate, endorsed Trump in the next few days that might seal the deal.

**See;  LINK

A Dialogue; "The Case For (And Against) Trump/Huckabee 2016"


From  at BuzzFeed

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