Friday, April 8, 2016

Sarah Palin's Connection To The "Panama Papers" Scandal

As a life long optimist I have to admit, and with a heavy heart, that there is no denying it, the world, as represented by the rich and powerful is full of cynical and blatant corruption.

The "pillars of society" when I was growing up were the "statesmen, politicians, bankers, lawyers, accountants pharmaceutical companies and religious leaders. Of course from time to time there was a scandal, but the comparative rarity of malfeasance was such that the public outrage seemed in itself enough to make a check on such events being endemic.

In the last 10 years the level of banking corruption at the highest levels has seen the major banks, when they have not been propped up by the taxpayers, pay billions in fines for collusion, outright theft, and rigged fees. Drug firms price gouge, accountants and lawyers assist the corrupt, political leaders lie and cheat, religious institutions have been rife with sexual abuse.

There is not one area of society that has not be touched, deformed, degraded robbed demeaned by the previous higher echelons of society. The presidency itself has been demeaned by liars, fornicators and con-men. What legacy is being left the coming generation is impossible to see beyond a debased culture.

We are asked to believe that the creatures of Wall Street, Hillary, Cruz and Kasich will actually reform the very institutions they are puppets of.

That such unusual candidates for the presidency as Sanders and Trump can be doing so well against an establishment determined to use any cynical measure, including propping up Ted Cruz who they hate, to defeat them simply reinforces the fact that large elements of the public have had enough.

The latest, and so blatant that it can't be glossed over, example of all that the corruption of society has come to is the massive "Panama papers" scandal. That the rich and powerful politicians across the world can play populist, can call for sacrifices from the voters, whilst using offshore tax havens is despicable.

Common thieves indeed Prime Minister Cameron

There's a basic overview "Panama Papers: 10 things we've learned" That exposes some of the practices and people involved and it is good that one Prime Minster has resigned and Britain's David Cameron is looking shaky, but to have reached such a terrible state in society that only whistle blowers bring some decency into the picture is shocking.

It is no accident that the one politician who denounced what she called "crony capitalism" with such a clear sighted view has been utterly, baselessly, and viciously attacked by the Establishment media who saw her, as they do Trump, a direct threat to their power and wealth.

Here is Palin in 2011;

" in a 40-minute speech before a Tea Party rally here, which was one of her most expansive addresses since she accepted the Republican vice presidential nomination three years ago, she railed against “crony capitalism” in both parties. She suggested that the “permanent political class” — Republicans, too — needed to be rattled.“You know that it’s not enough to just change up the uniform,” Ms. Palin said. “If we don’t change the team and the game plan we won’t save our country.”

In her speech, Ms. Palin assailed the Washington establishment, directing most of her criticism at President Obama, but saving plenty for Republicans. The themes carried familiar strains from her time as governor of Alaska, when she was known for an independent streak that aggravated both parties.

“The real challenge is who and what we will replace him with,” Ms. Palin said, referring to her goal of making Mr. Obama a one-term president. She added, “America is at a tipping point. This is a systemic crisis due to failed policies and incompetent leadership.”“I want all of our GOP candidates to take the opportunity to kill corporate capitalism that is leading to this cronyism that is killing our economy,” Ms. Palin said. “They all have an opportunity to speak out against it. That’s what I want them to do.

Palin did not have the financial resources, that and family constraints, which precluded her building on the Tea Party revolution to make a run for the presidency in 2012. Instead the Establishment had their man, and their electoral disaster. 

Now, Palin has found her surrogate with the financial means to stand up to the Establishment whose support and money he doesn't need, who can shrug off the Establishment's lap dog media attacks, but who's commitment to her populism she endorses and trusts.

The Panama Papers are a complete vindication of Palin's prescient call for a renewed America and the dismantling of crony capitalism. To begin the renewal she has found her lance bearing knight. 

The next few months, to secure the nomination against a cynical Establishment, are crucial to stage one of not only taking America back but making it great again by restoring the core structures of society. If that hurdle is passed stage two, winning the presidency against the forces of corruption, will make what preceded it a walk in the park.

It is abundantly clear that society is sick and riddled with corruption, just as it is equally clear the only path to reform is the election of Donald Trump to carry out his and Governor Palin's reform program.