Wednesday, September 28, 2016

First Post Debate Poll And It's Sensational For Trump +4.1

So called "guru" Nate Silver Tweeted "Hillary won the debate and it's likely her polls will rise"

He also claimed that Hillary's win was based on the CNN poll result. He didn't advise that the CNN poll was hugely distorted to favor Democrat voters and that thirteen post debate polls showed a clear win for Trump.

The CNN poll claiming Hillary won the debate sampled 41% Democrats and only 26% Republicans. Always check polling samples and assume bias.

The respected USC/LATimes tracking poll which is included in the Real Clear Politics aggregate of acceptable polls  closed the day before the debate 09/16/17 with Trump leading Clinton by 3.5 points at 46.2% to  42.7%

Their first poll after the debate 09/27/16  shows Trump 46.7 %  and Clinton  42.6%  Trump 4.1% lead.

This is just the first indication as the poll includes votes from earlier in the week but the trendline is clear in it's implications 

Biggest jump in Trump's post debate support was among Blacks and all people aged 18-34

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