Friday, September 30, 2016

Two Days Post Debate Trump Rises To 5.6 Lead USC/LATimes Poll

The respected USC/LATimes Poll now two days post debate  and 2 of the 7 days compiled including the two days post debate has Trump showing a sharp rise to a substantial 5.6 point lead
TRUMP 47.3% CLINTON 41.7%

After an initial one day post debate rise Trump plateaued and Hillary rose slightly but this latest 09/29 poll has Trump rising again by 0.6 and Hillary with a significant drop of 1.2 points.

Nate Silver the indefatigable Dem supporter advised;

If USC/LATimes/Rasmussen/PPD and others are concerned Silver's bias will, once again lead him astray where Trump is concerned.

This is why Trump has risen-ordinary folks are fed up with the MSM/Establishment elites disdain. His lead in this category is a massive 20 points 55% to 33% and rising sharply post-debate where Hillary was the epitome of the arrogant elite.

Further analysis of the poll from
Techno at C4P

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