Monday, September 19, 2016

Nate Cohn "Nobody Could Reasonably Have Anticipated Trump's Victory" (Except These 7 For Starters)

New York Times leftist "pundit' Nate Cohn wrote regarding Donald Trump's nomination that it 

"came together in unexpected ways to produce a result that no one could have reasonably anticipated?"

He wrote this is a long somewhat explanatory column about his predictive failures "What I got wrong about Donald Trump

Typically the emphasis was not so much on Cohn's individual failure but on the collective "we" with one "I" emphasis;

"We will never know just how wrong we were about Donald Trump"

It is unfair to all those who actually did predict Trump's triumph (linked below) to let Cohn's universal "nobody" pass by uncorrected. Here are just some of those who were not blinded by leftist bias. Most certainly Governor Sarah Palin who was the first major endorser of Trump, and yours truly who blogged for Trump from the start can be added to the list.

Video;Rep. Keith Ellison Predicts Trump as Nominee In July 2015; Panel Laughs Hysterically

As Trump Coasts to the Nomination, Remember That the Cartoonist Behind Dilbert Saw It All Coming.

Scott Adams also predicts Trump will beat Hillary Clinton in "a landslide."


Michael Moore Predicts Donald Trump Will ‘Absolutely’ Win GOP Nomination


Last year, I predicted the GOP would nominate Trump" 


Man Who Predicted Trump Would Win the GOP Nomination

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