Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump's Debate Ticked All the Boxes For Him

Trump did just fine.

He was forceful enough when needed and the forcefulness was manifestly justified in relation to Hillary's answers and especially her rebuttal. That is he was perceived as not flying off the handle even when he was being unfairly quoted/attacked.

Trump was manifestly in control of his statistics and major points without giving the impression of a stilted rehearsed set of answers.

Trump stayed true to his base on climate control,guns and law and order when he might have compromised or watered down these elements in a (mistaken) attempt to broaden his support, which would not have happened and which woudl have led to a substantial loss of support and justifiable cries of hypocrisy.

Trump didn't take the bait from Hillary when she goaded him on women's issues whilst hinting at dark events relating to the Clinton's he said he woudl hold his tongue-well done.

Trump showed a firm but fair temperament which was an absolute must for him.

In the end however the crisis of the middle class, race-relations in crisis,the mess in the mid-east/ISIS and America carrying an unfair share of world peacekeeping whilst being subjected to unfair trade practices and the disaster of FTA were all matters Hillary could not justify and make rational the promise to clean them up after eight years of causing them.

With immigration up next, surely, and this one under his belt, Trump can only move into a commanding position.

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