Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Palin's Gracious, Winning "Campaign " Of Abnegation For Trump

In typical gracious fashion 

Governor Palin offered her congratulations to Indiana governor Mike Pence on being chosen as Donald Trump’s running mate.
CONGRATULATIONS PENCE FAMILY; Illegitimi non carborundum
In this clash of civilizations, the courageous, unrelenting fight for America’s future is beyond paramount. If eyes are not open to this after the latest Islamic attack, then one may be hopelessly lost in the fake utopian world into which the Left sucks the gullible.
Congratulations to Gov. Mike Pence on being chosen to run for Vice President. Pence is an accomplished Indiana politician with decades of politics under his belt. He is a devoted family man, and he is a gentleman. He will serve well as Trump’s partner; Trump’s second in command.
Commonsense, independent patriots must now be wholly united and involved in this election process. Recognizing the nation’s enemies hellbent on decimating us militarily and economically, it’s wise to insist gentlemanly politics to take a back seat to the fighting Warrior spirit that must drive all our leaders in this upcoming epic battle for America’s security, solvency and sovereignty. A GOP team is now set to win that battle through strengthening our military, our Supreme Court, our balance sheet, and our common resolve to finally put America first.
Congratulations to the Pence family: stand your ground and fight alongside your dad through the coming months and years of scrutiny. Illegitimi non carborundum.
– Sarah Palin
If Palin was disappointed in not being chosen clearly had not the slightest effect on her desire for the best for Pence and especially for her chosen candidate Donald Trump. She knew that the slightest indication of dissent on her part would be blown up by the media and distract/detract from Trump's choice.

This consideration for Trump, and the GOP's chances in this desperate time to ensure the Clinton's don't get their tainted hands on the levers of power again, is clearly Palin's first considerations.

Palin has not made any public appearances since her two endorsements of Trump in Iowa and Utah and a campaign stop in Florida (cut short by her husband Todd's serious accident) and, tellingly in a challenging situations where she went in to a "lions den' for Trump.

In the primary campaign Palin faced very hostile to Trump GOP insider meetings in Wisconsin and Colorado. Only Palin, an irrefutable conservative, could have been Trump's stand in in Wisconsin and have received a polite reception and 
standing ovation

Since then Palin has let Trump have all the limelight and running in the sure and certain knowledge that any public meeting she attended would meet with a mass of media and leftist blog attacks. That her Tweet timeline is still constantly under attack by the haters is a clear indication of this. Trump needs all positive attention on him and no distractions.

Palin's supporters know this and will vote for Trump because of her support. There is no discernible resentment among her supporters over her quietude because they understand her self-effacing abnegation in the greater cause.

There can be no greater example of the sacrifice Palin has made than her non-attendance at the funeral of her hero 
(who loved her back) and example Phyllis Schlafly.

I have no doubt whatsoever that under normal circumstances Palin would have not only attended the funeral but addressed it. But Trump did instead and, again, if she had also addressed it there would have been a substantial media distraction from Trump's clear message to Schlafly's supporters that he is on their side.

On a positive note I am sure that Governor Palin is enjoying the campaign immensely, especially in these latter days as Hillary self-destructs and Trump rises. Being in the comfort of her family, under no pressure whatsoever sending out her thoughts to her legions of supporters in social media are all, hopefully, more than adequate compensation for not being in the hurly burly.

But by her very negation of personal interest in the greater cause Palin is cementing her legacy.

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