Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Donald Trump's Winning Vote Percentage Higher Than 6 Presidents Including Lincoln

Democratic partisans continue with the attempts to denigrate and delegitimize President-Elect Trump through pointing out that Hillary "California" Clinton has a higher percentage of the popular vote.

That such a consideration is meaningless in light of how American elections are actually run seems to be of little import to their propaganda plans. 

But, for the record George W. Bush, Benjamin Harrison, Rutherford Hayes and John Quincy Adams all were elected through the Electoral College like Trump with a smaller percentage of the popular vote than their rivals.

Of these Trump's 1.7 point gap behind Clinton is significantly smaller than Hayes 3 point gap and Adams massive 10.5 gap.

The latest iteration of leftist scorn is "President 46% Trump" well let's see how Trump compares with some familiar names;

John Q.Adams      30.9%
Abraham Lincoln  39.8%
Woodrow Wilson  41.8%
Bill Clinton            43.0%
Richard Nixon       43.4%
James Buchanan  45.3%
Grover Cleveland  46.0%
Donald Trump       46.2%

Not that this will stop the "progressives" and their media allies endless assault on Trump as they have no need for facts and of course no shame. 

However, an alert conservatism is on to them and they will never again get away with their propaganda.

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