Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Palin Wins Presidency" (Palin-ism In The Presidency)

I wrote this in 2015 "Palin-ism in the Presidency" when it appeared unlikely that Governor Palin would run in 2016

"The "common sense conservatism" policies that Sarah Palin espouses and exemplifies, are lasting if not timeless and will be her legacy no matter what her personal future holds. An outline of  what she, and this site stands for are at this LINK "

Douglas Herz continues that theme and, rightly gives much of the credit for Donald trump's election to Governor Palin

From AmericanThinker

Breaking: Palin wins presidency

The roots of Donald Trump's historic presidential victory go back eight years to the 2008 presidential contest and the V.P. candidacy of Sarah Palin.  Palin, or more properly Palinism, had many of the same characteristics as the Trump ascendancy: a robust patriotic populism driven by intense love of country and rejection of big-government internationalism embodied by Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton.  

Palinism also introduced Americans to the political struggle not as Left vs. Right, but as Country Class vs. Ruling Class, Bluebloods vs. Commoners, Ivy League vs. College of Hard Knocks, Urban Elite vs. Middle and Rural Working Class.
In this respect, then, Sarah Palin was the pioneer, with the arrows in her back to prove it, who enabled Donald Trump's amazing success.
This is not to take anything away from The Donald.  Unlike Palin, who was somewhat of a political insider, having governed a red state (Alaska) and having been plucked from obscurity by veteran insider John McCain for his V.P. slot, Trump was a pure outsider.  

Trump wore his outsider credentials and lack of political chops like a badge of honor, successfully arguing that Barack Hussein Obama had less experience than he when Obama won the presidency in 2008.  Trump, also, did not do battle with the mainstream media as Palin did, but instead sought, successfully, to mold and to manipulate it to his advantage, playing the MSM like a fiddle.

  Trump also had a knack for putting his political opponents on the defensive with character bottles that they could not escape.  Thus, the moniker "crooked Hillary" may become HRC's enduring legacy...and deservedly so.    
Donald Trump won a historic victory on November 8, yes, but the person who above all made it possible was Sarah Palin.  Sarah, we love you.  We will remember and revere your profound contributions to America's greatness forever...and may you soon enjoy the political vindication you so richly deserve.