Thursday, November 10, 2016

"Immoral Minority" Palin Haters Choke On Own Vomit As She Wins With Trump And They Lose

UPDATE; The Immoral Minority site is clearly in its death throes. Even during a hotly contested presidential election the site goes into massive decline as the Alexa analysis shows, its days of filth rage and hate are, thankfully drawing to a close;


For eight years a blogsite, run by a clearly unhinged crazy "Griffin" (Jesse Griffin") called, crazily enough "Immoral Minority" has been the home for a collection of oddballs that would do justice to "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" museum.

"Griffin" has fed these cranks, conspirators, deluded and just plain bonkers alleged humans a steady diet of Palin hate meat which, no matter how rotten stinking and rank, they greedily devour.

No mad rumor, no insane impossibility is crazy enough not to be swallowed whole by these poor examples of wretched humanity. here are some examples and no, I am not making them up, especially as my imagination can't conceive of such craziness

"Palin faked her pregnancy by wearing a false pregnancy rubber suit The Palin's are getting divorced, Todd Palin uses the services of a prostitute. Her alleged son (actually Willow's or Bristol's as the mood takes them) is not only not her son but there are a number of "Trigs "all with different ruffled ears which Palin gets from murdering runaway pregnant teens and then Todd buries their bodies under the concrete slab of his airplane hangar."

And, "Palin is bald and wears a wig, Palin instructs people to fly planes over our houses to spy on us." 

But enough of such madness, even writing it makes me feel dirty.

But in the end Palin, the multi-millionaire, the writer of four New York times best selling books, stands head and shoulders above such creepy crawly pitiful creatures. her chosen candidate Donald Trump will be the next president and this came about in no small part through her vital endorsement of Irump before the Iowa primary.

The exit polls showed a marked rise in support for Trump from Evangelicals after her endorsement which helped propel him to the vital second place finish which gave him momentum for his landslide in New Hampshire and then South Carolina, again with Evangelical support, which sewed up the nomination.

Palin recognized, wisely, she did not have the financial backing to mount a successful campaign of her own but in Trump she found the candidate who would promote her views and whose financial independence would over come the entire media and Democratic opposition as well as rival GOP candidates.

Trump won and of course so did palin. Whether she wishes to pursue an acting or reality TV future or if she is, or is not offered a role in the Trump administration is all of lesser significance than the fact that Trump, her chosen candidate for president won.

The haters are left with gnashing their teeth or gums as is more likely the case and can spew and hate till they decompose in their dung heaps but nobody will know or care. They are done and she has won as, in the end truth and love triumphs over hate and evil