Tuesday, November 1, 2016

State Polls/Electoral College 11/05/16 Aggregate Clinton 297 Trump 241

The state polls are catching  the trackers and many key swing states are moving to Trump and what will be key is to see how much further they go until they too stabilize to catch up with the trackers.

Florida on the other hand seems to have picked up the trackers now reversion to a few days post Comey as Clinton has seen some movement back to her. If this continues the election is anyone's guess especially as regards Florida which is the key state.

That said the Florida polls say one thing the actual early voting shows Trump running well ahead of Romney.

Clinton leads in the Electoral College at 298 to 240 so at this point in time it's all about Florida as on current states results ifTrump wins it he gets to 269 a tie  at which point the GOP House would elect him or Maine's CD2 one EC vote will get him to 270

Aggregate Of Swing State Polls 11/6/16 CHANGE;Nevada/North Carolina/New Hampshire To Trump; Florida to Clinton

Georgia Trump +4.6
Arizona Trump +4.0
Iowa Trump +3.0
Ohio Trump +2.8
Nevada Trump +2.0
New Hampshire Trump +1.6
North Carolina Trump 0.8
Maine CD2 Trump +0.5
Florida Clinton +1.0
Pennsylvania Clinton +2.4
Colorado Clinton +2.9

 Michigan Clinton +4.7
Virginia Clinton +5.2