Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poll Confirms Palin Top GOP Pick-Leads All In Texas

 University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll of 800 registered voters in Texas has Sarah Palin the leader. Palin out polls Romney by 5% and,perhaps surprisingly two Texans Ron Paul 12% to 10% and the media's latest speculation-Texas Governor Rick Perry who only scores 4%.

This poll was taken just before the cascade out of contention of Palin's possible rivals Huckabee,Trump and Daniels and before Gingrich apparently self destructed.

If the Gallup poll which reallocated preferences subsequent to these changes has its findings, which put Palin tied with Romney within the margin of error for the lead then her lead in Texas should be substantial.

Once again the media gets it wrong by pointing out Palin's supposed "unpopularity' in nationwide polls. What matters for the present is her standing with the only people who will choose the republican candidate-GOP voters.

These voters have Palin's favorables at 72% and have her tied with Romney for the lead-those are the only facts worth noting as is Pawlenty's 4% and Huntsman's 1% support.

The Obama team have made noises about Texas being a viable state for 2012-not according to this poll which had only 30% of voters saying they would wish to re-elect the president and 48% saying they would vote for any republican who opposed him

The link to the poll data is HERE

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