Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dumb Palin Botches Toast To The Queen,Her Car Gets Stuck,Doesn't Know What Year It Is!

Here is Palin stuffing up a toast to The Queen of England-embarrassing all Americans and her hosts.

And here is the hapless Palin getting the date wrong-2008 believe it or not-at a memorial signing at Westminster Abbey (after asking someone what year it was and still getting it wrong-what an idiot!

And just to top it off here is her car getting stuck on a small road bump in the US Embassy driveway in Ireland-hapless!!

And it turns out she thinks Austrian is a language too!!

Of course all the above are Obama's flubs and mishaps.

Now just imagine if all the above actually did happen to and was done by Sarah Palin-the left media would be running around with their hair on fire. What do we get instead "you on the right complained when these sort of things happened to President Bush and leftists/media made fun of them-well if that was wrong you shouldn't say anything about President Obama" and "it just goes to show President Obama is human like the rest of us"

Double standard? What do you think. The best thing about this is that now the Palin bashers who pick on every little flub will now have to shut up as the catalogue of Obama's errors has reached volcanic proportions.

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