Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weinergate-Perfect Antidote For the Pervading Gloom In Obama's America

Stacy McCain, at The Other McCain as befits the investigative journalist par excellence has the latest update on Rep. Anthony Weiner's weekend of challenge.

It may very well be that, as Weiner stated, his site was "hacked" but a couple of points need to be clarified I think-his reference to Seattle in a tweet, and why the hacking of a congressman's site was not immediately reported to the FBI. Palin's hacked site landed a man in jail and the same should apply to Weiner's alleged hacker.

If however there turns out to be more to this story then the matter of hypocrisy, the main stream media protecting the left by not covering it, and the double standard that applies to Republican transgressors who get mercilessly ridiculed by the leftist blogosphere and late night comedians will come into play.

In the meantime we have been, at least, provided with a bit of fun amidst all the gloom that is Obama's America, by the unfortunately named Mr. Weiner.

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