Thursday, May 26, 2011

CNN Launches Worst Ever Unfair And Unbalanced Condescending Hatchet Job On Palin

In 4 minutes plus of unmitigated unbalanced ranting CNN's Cafferty File degrades, denounces and exhibits the worst liberal Beltway east coast elitism yet seen against Sarah Palin.

How anyone can deny the liberal media is on a non-stop campaign to defeat Palin is utterly ridiculous. Nothing seen on Fox compares in the slightest to this obvious bias. 

The positive for Palin is that for such a fierce attack on someone they categorise as of no interest, a quitter, who has no chance, shows that they see her as a threat-otherwise why would they waste their time.

That Palin looks like she is about to announce her candidacy, with the signs being the forthcoming movie launch and her move to Arizona, has created a frothing at the mouth frenzy on the left. 

Cafferty manages to combine the frenzy of hate with a level of unmatched condescension, which only serves to energize her supporters and insults those in flyover country who will decide the next election.

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