Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Media Will Have To Read 26,500 Palin Emails-An Awesome Penance

The office of the Governor of Alaska has been told they must release the approximately 26,500 emails that originated from then Governor Palin's office during her tenure.

This will be the ultimate-too date-penance for the lamestream media who will be called from sitting  in park fields waiting for her, on the off chance she shows up and talks to them, as they don't have her current tour schedule.

One almost, well almost that is, feels sorry for the poor hacks who will have to read through such titbits as "it is really cold in Anchorage today" or "Todd, please pick up some milk on the way home" as well as, to outsiders, totally indecipherable messages about local Alaskan politics which have absolutely no bearing on current matters.

However, sift they must in their endless quest to find something, anything, to potentially embarrass Palin-which they won't as whatever controversies they might dig up-should there be any-will be must ancient history. 

Surely too the public has had enough of the Palin PDS muckraking efforts and will disregard any "scandals".This has been proven by the two latest anti-Palin books being complete flops no matter how hard the media tried to promote the "insiders tell-all".

Palin must be chortling as she contemplates the scribblers pouring over her every word in 26,500 emails-actually I can't think of a better penance.

To add to the media's penance they are now complaining that Palin is forcing them to follow her bus (sic) which could "cause a reporter to have an accident."

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