Monday, May 30, 2011

Jews/Evangelicals Rejecting Israel Policy The Cause? Obama's Polls Fall 14 Points


At Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin the editor believes a contributing factor was Obama's attitude to Israel and Netanyahu's brave and forthright defense of that besieged country in the US Congress.

" President Obama did himself A LOT of damage in the Jewish community this week. But most of all, IT IS BECAUSE A JEWISH LEADER STOOD UP, GOT UP OFF HIS KNEES, AND SIGNALLED TO ISRAEL’S MANY FRIENDS THAT IT WAS TIME TO STAND UP AND SAY ENOUGH!"

It would not only be Jews who had been Obama supporters who have left the Democratic party at the abandonment of Israel but also evangelical Christians who have a deep and abiding biblically based faith in the preservation of what is literally God's own country ((with apologies to Australians who covet that title.

Thus if Obama's attitude to Israel is added to the other factors discussed below perhaps the 14 point drop is not such a mystery after all.

Perhaps economic reality has kicked  in following the euphoria of the Bin Laden killing, perhaps the public understood that the affair was what presidents are expected to do and didn't put to much long term polling value on it.

Perhaps it has been the spectacle of the Obama's living the high life in Europe with Michelle in $1000 dresses whilst home values plummet and unemployment stays high. 

For whatever reason or reasons the polling for President Obama has shown an amazing drop from the 60% approval rating he garnered just a few days ago on May 9th in the Associated Press /GfK poll to the Gallup poll out today which has him at 46%.

This 14 point drop must be one of the quickest in polling history-certainly in Obama's presidency and if it continues at anywhere near this pace presages bad news for his re-election efforts.

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