Thursday, May 26, 2011

Devil His Due-Chris Matthews Gives Constructive Review Of Palin's Possible Run

Chris Matthews, surprisingly, in fact astonishingly, gives a wide ranging  "fair and balanced' presentation on Sarah Palin and her new, 2012 run, activity. Discussing with  GOP and Dem operatives Matthews canvasses Palin's forthcoming bus tour and movie.

Matthews gives due credit to Palin for her outstanding qualities-public speaking and energizing mass crowds and, again remarkable for MSNBC, states she won her debate with Biden on points and concludes that he wishes her to be the nominee-not for the usual cynical reasons we hear from the left media "she'd eb a laughingstock and an easy beat for Obama-but because she would add color and excitement compared to "the three male stooges".

Credit where it is due Mr Matthews-well done and lets hope this is a harbinger of things to come-perhaps the Schultz disaster has sent a message to MSNBC or Matthews has decided to rise above the herd and be a statesman amongst broadcasters-we can only hope.

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