Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Load of Rubbish:"Palin's Son Cut Brake Linings on 42 School Buses"-Huffington Post

N.B. Apparently I have to spell it out for the "Immoral Minority" and other associated morons that this post is a satire poking fun at alleged humans who actually believe the anti-Palin family vile, idiotic and hateful moronic blatherings by other such alleged humans at such alleged "information  sites'.

According to the commentators ,who are mad, on the marriage of the Palin's eldest son Track it seems that he,Track is "a foul mouthed criminal" who has a history with alcohol and prescription painkillers".

Apparently his war zone active service in Iraq was not something he chose to do voluntarily as "he was sent to Iraq to avoid jail time". This came about because he was said to have been charged with "vandalism on a number of school buses by cutting the brake lines."

Helpfully further commentators have expanded on this and advised by advising it was "40 or so school buses he vandalized" and even more detailed advice "he cut the brake linings on 42 school buses" which the writer knows is true as "I was there at the time" (in Alaska).

It seems that Sarah should not have any concern for embarrassment about these revelations as Track is, apparently, "Not Todd's son, his real father is a Curtis Menard" and in fact Track is the father of Trig according to the commentators. What Sarah should be embarrassed about, according to this Huffington Post page is that, according to the writer, her daughter "Willow Palin vandalized a house where booze and sex activity had been going on but Sarah got her off."

Since Huffington post is a reputable news site, and takes great care to remove comments which are deemed to not meet their standards, it has to be accepted that Huffington Post subscribes to all these various comments. Surely, if the editors believed they were malicious slanders, absolute lies, concoctions from the jealous minds of people with sad lives, whose only pleasure in life is to tear down successful people who they have never met, the comments on the liberal-leftist Huffington Post site would have been removed.

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