Monday, June 15, 2015

In New Heights Of Grift "Wonkette" Uses Editor's 3 Day Old Baby to Get Money

I thought I had seen everything as far as leftist grift and hypocrisy was concerned as set out in my previous post: 

"Andrew Sullivan/Daily Kos To Investigate,If Wonkette's Schoenkopf Really, Like Palin, Gave Birth To Her Child?"

But no, the same leftist mindset that accused Sarah Palin of being a "grifter" and "waving Trig around like a flag" has exceeded all limits of grift and hypocrisy I thought were possible.

The Palin hate site 'Wonkette' of "Trig/retard" infamy, and undisturbed by any common decency, has Palin regularly called "a C**t" and a person who "vomits forth" word salad and which prints any lurid and salacious items it can about her e.g."Palin's breast implants." They have now actually used the image of the editor's (purported) three day old baby to grift even more money from the sites idiotic "readers".

The editor, one Rebecca Schoenkopf, has regularly asked for money "to by booze and cig's" and, in the previous height of grift, actually had the nerve to ask someone to donate an apartment in D.C. for nothing! 

But the site has really gone off the deep end. Announcing the birth of her daughter (alleged-there is no birth certificate yet, or hospital staff confirmation, nor family doctor interview all of which were demanded of Palin) the first thing they asked for  was for cash "we need the money." That should come as no surprise (the grift) as a significant proportion of the site is dedicated to pleadings "send us money-you know who loves money we do" and the like.

But going even beyond that terrible action they have now actually put up a photo of the ("alleged" child-who knows what sort of  cunning grift scheme may be in place) three day old AND USED IT TO SOLICIT MORE MONEY.

All the terrible attacks on Palin and her family are documented at the link above-that a member of
 the leftist elite should be allowed to not be subjected to exactly the same "legitimate questions" as Andrew Sullivan advised was OK about Palin/Trig would be to let the Alinskyite left get away with-as they described it "the program."

Nothing will deter them though-no expose of gross hypocrisy at the highest level will make them cease and desist their nefarious and evil hate path against Sarah Palin.