Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wonkette's Schoenkopf Pictured Holding A Baby But, Is It Hers?

The execrable Palin hate site "Wonkette" continues to grift its layabout and perverted readers with its endless begging for money. 

They even put up photo's of a baby which they purport is the Editors and use that to raise money. That at least is easy on they eye, but they have gone further and pictured the editors Husband who goes by the Nom De Hate "Shypixel" to try and flog T-Shirts at $22 a pop.

Why anybody would wish to buy what looks like either vomit from being drunk or baby kack all over it is a mystery. They try and advise it is actually "artwork" of Bernie Sanders but-who can tell the difference.

Now, I have dwelt at length that all the things the left threw at Governor Palin and her baby are thought by them, as Andrew Sullivan suggested at the time, "legitimate questions." That being the case we can revisit those allegations and, since the left, which Schoenkopf is a charter member of, viewed them as valid surely others can raise them in respect of her.

The disgusting site for lunatics "Immoral Minority", which along with "Progressive" (i.e. nutcase) 'Daily Kos' site led the "Trig Truther" (actually IM still does) campaign raised these questions(I have substituted "Schoenkopf" for "Palin.")

"How do we know the baby pictured is really Schoenkopf's as no birth certificate has been posted on her site"?

"Are there a number of such babies, perhaps stolen from unmarried pregnant teens that Schoenkopf keeps hidden to trot out for fundraising purposes"?

Per Andrew Sullivan "Has Schoenkopf paid off the local hospital to keep the fake baby scandal quiet"?

Is the baby, if real, actually her sons and the "birth" is a massive cover-up to hide the scandal?

"Is the baby the result of a liason between Schoenkopf and Immoral Minority's Griffin"?

"Is "Shypixel" having an affair with Kaili Joy Gray Wonkette's writer and the baby is really Gray's?" (As per National Enquirer "Is Palin having an affair with Todd's business partner?"

Again as per "National Enquirer" Is Schoenkopf getting a multi-million dollar divorce from "Shypixel"?

Variations on all these questions and more were raised by the left against Palin and they would surely have no objection to inquiring minds considering exactly the same versus one of their own.

Oh-and; "as Schoenkopf saw fit to run a column asking if Palin had 'breast implants" in light of Bruce Jenner having them has "Shypixel" also had breast implants? So far there has been no denial, nor a denial about an affair with a massage therapist as was alleged against Todd Palin."

So many unanswered question-but the left has run a seven year long campaign against Palin so there is plenty of time to explore these important issues.


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