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M.Joseph Sheppard Post Report 06/04/15 "Hillary's Weak Week/Joan Wash Brazennes&Much More

    1. Hillary's weak week
  1. No matter how media Teflon coated Hillary Clinton is there comes a point when an avalanche of bad publicity-especially where morality/money is concerned, must have an effect. Perhaps that point has been reached now judging by the polls.

  2. "A growing number of people say she (Hillary) is not honest and trustworthy (57%, up from 49% in March), http://and more now feel she (Hillary) does not inspire confidence (50%, up from 42% last March).less than half feel she (Hillary) cares about people like them (47%, down from 53% last July


The reality is that if there were a genuine alternative Clinton would be having a real battle on her hands right now. As it is though 
  1. Hillary/Sanders/Warren are the 200 year old triumvirate of the dried out husk of the Democratic party 

    1. The reality is also, and sadly for the voters, theDemocratic Party clown car now up to six: Clinton 57% Sanders 11 Biden 8 Webb 2 O'Malley 4 Chafee 1.
    2. But even with this poor lot Real Clear Politics polling shows Democratic Party clown car Clinton 57% Others 26% and closing. Once she dips below 50% (She is at 50.8 in New Hampshire, now) it's all on as others will be encouraged to step up the pace and a realistic alternative may emerge.
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Leftist "Progressive/Feminists are in cloud cuckoo land but they are getting their agenda enacted via their friends in the judiciary

I set out why a Convention of States is required to restore sanity to America in the economic and especially the social sphere. This latest insanity from the increasingly unhinged left reinforces the urgency of the Convention:
Why Convention of States is needed


    1. Joan Walsh Chutzpah Queen

    2. The absolute nerve of the left, typified by Salon's unhinged Joan Walsh is given further, sad, proof, Walsh, after years of Palin Derangement Syndrome has the chutzpah to come up with this:
    3. "The Beltway’s Clinton derangement syndrome" I won't link to Salon as it only encourages them.
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    5. "Where's Sarah" wails the left "our lives are empty without hating her"
    7. The mad left is now worrying their lives will be empty of purpose if they "don't have Palin to kick around anymore". One wrote "What shall we do if she doesn't run?

    8. Since Palin has been quiet in the main stream media, the basement dwellers have had nothing to spew about, so they are now terribly concerned that she is not in the limelight for them to hate on. their "logic" goes something like this 

    9. "Palin is missing from presidential campaign events-she's not on Fox anymore, the disappearing Sarah Palin"
    10. So, if she says something she's "irrelevant"if she says nothing"she's MIA." 
    11. Don't you love the media? (rhetorical question)
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  1. In Politics and media idiocy Plus Positive Trump

  2. This snippet needs no comment, (except to state the obvious that
  3. Of course he will get the blame for the cuts to services etc) as it is archetypical:
  4. "Illinois's Republican Governor Rauner .announcing initial steps to deal with a nearly $4 billion hole in $36.3 billion general funds budget passed by Democrats"

  1. Jonah Goldberg smashes walnut with a sledgehammer " "The false populism of George Pataki" What a waste of a column even for the Los Angeles Times (D) I mean, really? Jonah Goldberg attacking George Pataki is Scraping bottom of political barrel

On the positive side my article examining the case for a Donald trump candidacy for 2016 elicited a Tweet from The Donald himself and the Blog was viewed over 1000 times on the day:


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