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The M.Joseph Sheppard Post Report 06/09/15:Palin On Hannity/Trump Rises & Much More

Palin On Hannity-What Does It Portend?​

Governor Palin was on Hannity and her demeanor will disappoint the vast army of the Palin deranged.
Sarah was focused-enraged and engaged, serious and "on point"
This was in utter contrast to her "big gulp" sort of manner Sarah was focused-enraged and engaged, serious and on​-​point

A​nd, if she runs, her presentation​ on Hannity 
wa​s exactly like ​the candidate I would expect her to be.

​ ​
The media would have to take her seriously-as serious as she was herself tonight.

Of course everything Palin says concerning​
the media's double standards re:Dunham/Duggar
is​ confirmed 100% bythe​ media's "reporting"
of ​her comments, exemplified by the miserable hater creeps. 

Horrible people like the Sadly skinny
Ana Marie Cox who scribbled a bitter cry for attention at 'The Daily Beast' ​
as she​ jumped on the Palin/Duggar bandwagon well after that train left the​ station,
​ ​and the genuinely odd Kaili Joy Gray at Wonkette.

Interestingly Governor Palin endorsed Bernie Sanders campaign methods compared to Hillary Clinton's;

"But what Bernie is doing is right. He's wrong on approaches, he's a socialist, but his (campaign) approach is right. He's taking his message  to the people, not to orchestrated events like Hillary is so used to and the media allows her to get away with.​"​

What​ Palin​'s​ emergence from a two month or so long hiatus from Fox means for the future I would not wish to speculate on-I have learned to "expect the unexpected from the governor.

Examples of  support for Palin came from The Tea Party;
"Sarah Palin Jumps Into Duggar Fray By Body Slamming Liberal Star’s Hypocrisy" http://palin4president2016.blogspot.co.nz/2015/06/from-tea-partysarah-palin-jumps-into.html …

And a Spanish language site (translated at link)
"​Sarah Palin And The Duggar Controversy"​
(Many Palin Family Photo's) 


In Other Political News

The first of two:  
Poll sensation! Donald Trump In virtual 2nd place tie in New Hampshire

After which 'The Hill' "Republicans Brace For Hurricane Donald" has a conniption fit with the compulsory "Republican operatives" decrying Trump as a menace and danger etc etc. As one wag succinctly put it 

"What this idjit just admitted is that his favorite(s) can't compete vs

If Trump declares one of best things is it'll be a knife to the hearts of Letterman/Stewart who'll wail & gnash they retired too soon.

And in New York former Governor George Pataki rocketed to a first place tie with Marco Rubio. 

With Walker ahead in Iowa these three results clearly show all the "leading" (it is hard to define this as they come and go as their announcements and flavor of the month profiles recede) candidates bunched around the 10-15% mark and the race is still wide open.

In Democratic Party Clown Car News​/Obama Administration Fail

President Obama's ego knows no bounds;
Ex-Cathedra;"Obama: Supreme Court shouldn't have heard Obamacare challenge" : http://www.politico.com/story/2015/06/obamacare-supreme-court-president-obama-questions-118742.html#ixzz3cXIw5y2Y …"


"soaring stockmarket" The one thing Obama dead-enders have pushed as his great accomplishment;
"Dow turns red for 2015 as U.S. stocks dip"
In retrospect "We are the ones we have been waiting for'​' was dumbest campaign slogan ever.
The ​Sign of a deluded media and ​
crazed lib's.

Meanwhile the media sycophancy rages on;
"Scandals Only Make the Clintons Stronger"​
- Matt Latimer, Politico"

Well they will end up looking like The Incredible Hulk then!

And wunderkind and JournOlist conspirator Ezra Klein gets the election year wrong;

"I don't think it's possible for a Democrat in 2015 to win the states Clinton won in 1992, no matter their message:

"liberals making comeback because socialist runs for president,gay marriage spreading like wildfire pot legalization" http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2015/06/07/liberals-make-big-comeback-in-2015-poll-analysis-finds/ …

Dave Weigel @daveweigel "left winning war over transgender rights"

In meantime Republicans gain 900 seats=connection?

And:AP Exclusive: Abortions declining in nearly all states"

I mean-really you've got to laugh; From Obama's own state "Hawaii abandons troubled state ObamaCare exchange"

Could it be worse?? @Milbank Dana Milbank tars Hillary with "her recent experience makes her seem insincere"

Can she recover?
Even worse for Hillary WashPosts Milbank (D) headlines "Clinton the inauthentic" Has there ever been such tearing down of a politician?

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