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PrimariasGOPWhere there are ten fit twelve o'clock ... And fourteen! And sixteen! Here we all fit! I do not know if there will be enough voters for each candidate, but as one of them gets done with only 10% of the vote in any state, and is the winner by far. And wait to see who will arm when allocating seats in the televised debates! Those who do not enter into the debate cry to heaven for the injustice done to them saying it is not true that only three of his voters in that state and the three intoxicated andthose who do, will be lucky if they can get the camera to focus them more than a minute in any retransmission, ha ha ha. I am eager for the arrival of the first debate of August 6. I will annoy the holidays, but no matter; these Republican primaries are almost better than one might imagine and can rest assured that we will not have a how are you in the next hundred years. Are all that need to be (in the absence of some little will take to take the final step, as Walker, Kasich, Jindal or Christie) and some who should not, but still add excitement to the matter. Only one thing could definitely turn these primaries in the best in American political history, well you know what I mean: the presence of Sarah Palin on them. Of course I would be delighted to be present! Do not doubt for a moment my palinismo extreme! But by dint of palinista, I am also realistic and I remain convinced that we will not have the pleasure of seeing announcing his candidacy, which if it did, it would be the largest and most Morrocotudo surprise of the story, and that's something nobody You expect it now, even I, already. (Well, yes, yes you, but they do not want to listen to me, heh, heh, heh).
Anyway, today we have a new edition of the renowned "Thermometer GRGP". We include two new names (and almost no room for more) and, very sadly, another one rung falls, from red hot to hot to dry ... Who would have thought it!
Thermometer 4
Cruz stumbled on, I've been thinking long and, even though it causes me a lot, I think I can not fool you (or fool myself) and is forced to take it into account. It is not just that Cruz support a legislative measure which robbed the legislature of its powers to deposit them in the hands of the executive branch (and what executive power!), it was also agreed that this occurs by a process surprising why the text of the legislative measure was stolen to public scrutiny and was considered so secret that members of Congress who want to read it (which were not all, of course), they had to do it in a secret unit of the Capitol building.That's nothing conservative, Ted! In fact, it's a real bitch and although I have been reading your explanations and evaluating them coldly, I have no excuse. Bad you weigh, the more correct position on this issue is what has kept Rand Paul, refusing to give their support to this monstrosity of law and making public their disagreement. Cruz, have blundered and no doubt your reasons've had, but it weighs and the "Thermometer GRGP" is inexorable: the moment, you fall only one step because you're still the most conservative of all candidates announced and, as he says Santi, "the best scribe check a blur," but you know I'm thinking even if you do not have to climb another rung to Paul that it is winning by far, but still have not made up my mind (suggestions are welcome, by the way) .
After the bad news, we have the good: he has come "The Donald"! Indeed, the entry in the running of Donald Trump is the most exciting we have so far. I already said yesterday that Sean Hannity himself said he was "a strike of adrenaline. " True to form, Trump filed his candidacy in the building, Trump Tower, making a dramatic entrance. And his presentation speech was not wasted either, leaving gems like "I do not need anyone's money. I'm really rich "," I will build a great wall along the southern border and I will make Mexico pay it "," The United States has become the dustbin of the problems around the world "," How our leaders are stupid, how stupid are our politicians, to let this happen? "and, finally, expressly dedicated to the poor Bush:" How the hell can vote for this guy? ".Ah, what a pleasure to finally hear someone without mincing words!
Okay, okay, much of this is nothing more than bluster, but ... But beware Trump; however clownish whatever their style at first glance, he is the only one with a real presidential defined political program yet. And anyone can read it; It is written in a book in 2011 entitled him Time to Get Tough: Making America # 1 Again ( Time to get tough: Making America No. 1 again ). In that book, Trump explains with clarity what its policies if elected President of the United States. For example, addressing OPEC resorting to existing anti-trust legislation in the country; deal with China and ring traps that makes its currency to adjust the value of its imports to its actual value; -better reform back the other way round, the tax system by eliminating a lot of taxes and lowering rates remaining; finish the border fence in the south, expel illegal immigrants convicted, comprehensive immigration reform, etc. And how are you, many more; so many that it is difficult to detail them all here, and above all, describe the basis on which they are based each, which are by no means mere platitudes and fantasies, but are very firmly rooted in history, tradition and legislation from United States. Again, it is true that Trump has a way of being that moves to take it as a histrionic, but none is as simple as it seems at first sight and anyone looking to take a joke to his presidential Trump in this adventure without having had a look before the part "serious" of his personality, he does at his own expense.
In fact, if Trump does appear serious, informed and forceful in televised debates and let thank for irrelevant now, it could well become the new Ross Perot (remember that this Texan billionaire managed to take 19% of the national vote in 1992 ). And such a performance in the Republican primary, by a candidate who has all the money needed to pay their own election campaign and a history of success after success throughout their lives, could well change the rules and lead to an outcome surprising: Trump 2016.
By the way, I completely took me seriously and, after seeing his presentation, I decided to take my mind any preconceived ideas I had about it and start from scratch. Especially after checking that the only note he has published so far Sarah Palin mentioning a candidate by his name he has dedicated to him! Here it is:
realDonaldTrump - Mr. Trump should know you're doing something right when they get unhappy like a rocket in the press! You can not deny the achievements of Donald J. Trump and his drive to create opportunities for all Americans willing to succeed. His own success is a testament to the achievements of jobs created that are possible when one applies the brave and tenacious precepts in favor of the private sector that we need to turn the economy. Trump joins competitive roster of candidates who will fight in the arena of ideas and histories, a field representing various achievements. This contrasts with the practice in favor of big government than simply anoint a chosen, therefore, stealing a healthy debate to voters.
The key to the Conservative victory is to our own vetting of each candidate, focusing on their ability to release the entrepreneurial spirit of the United States and drastically reduce the size of government in order to give priority to the security of our nation.That means that we set aside the participation of the media in the little game of liberal politics of personal destruction. Then, with a level playing field, we charge forward in 2016 until the radical left hears the cry of the United States: "You're fired!".
Sarah and Trump
For my part, I'm thinking that Trump could well be my second choice, if Cruz fails to take over the primary. And yes, I'm serious. And thinking about a possible Trump-Palin 2016. Can you see him? ¿Trump television debate with Clinton and no silent or under water, is telling all who will not listen and having to endure because Trump pays homage to him no one in this world? Think a bit about it and you tell me. For now, I leave Trump to step up a rung on the "Thermometer GRGP".
Moreover, we also have Bush finally RINO and are happy. He must be a bit annoyed because the surprising appearance of Trump on the very next day he announced his candidacy campaign, has stolen much of the limelight. Nth Bush ran as a conservative and tried to make us believe that it is stoking Obama, but thereupon announcing that "solve" the immigration problem by adopting appropriate legislation. And we all know in what sense will this legislation! Simply making laws based permanent what Obama has done so far with temporary executive decrees. Ja, another dog with that bone! The best symbol of what is false that all this is in Bush himself, who has decided to stand under the slogan: "Jeb" Bush so trying that does not appear anywhere, as if anyone could forget who he is .
For my part, Bush (to hell with "Jeb", Bush!) Has been located in the depths of the "thermometer GRGP" confident that over the weeks will end up sinking further, reaching rock bottom. I'm not sure how it will affect this Chris Christie, the other favorite candidateestablishment , whom now I do see no possibility, but do not rule out the end of presenting his candidacy, even because so many people appearing, which is not arises is that does not exist. In this way, we would completely end the firing of RINO, with Bush as a leader, Christie second Rubio as a substitute and Pataki as errand boy. A true dream team , right?
This is about to start for real. Missing Walker, who is said to be presented in July, Kasich, Jindal and perhaps Christie. And maybe some more of who speaks not much right now.Fifteen or sixteen candidates are going to need several hours a day to learn what each one does. It will be interesting to know who wait until the last minute ... and if both lengthening waiting, achieved "qualify" for the first debate of the Fox. It will be a discussion of the most important for what that who gives first gives twice. It will serve to highlight the best you have done and so have an initial "favorite". And with that band, the candidate in question will gain an added boost that may well make the first breach between him and the other is opened. We'll see what happens. You do not know the desire I have that come August. I want to see them be skinned, ha ha ha! And, again, very careful Trump. Who underestimate, commits a serious error. And you see, Sarah has not done at all.
¿Cruz? ¿Trump? ¿Captain America? ... Ah, how easy it would be if Sarah is present!
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