Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sound The Trumpets For A "Trump 2016" Presidential Run

Speaking to the Des Moines Register on June 2nd Donald Trump all but declared he is running for president in 2016. To advise that "I won't do the (Iowa) straw poll if everyone backs out" needs little parsing I believe.

Nevertheless, it seems we have to wait for  (hopefully) full clarity on June 16th. USA Today carried the report on this upcoming major news event and advised :"“Mr. Donald J. Trump will be making an announcement to the press and public on June 16th as to whether or not he will run for President of the United States of America,” says the announcement."

We have been down this path before, most recently in 2012 when Mr Trump decided he would not run, after indicating he might, to further pursue his TV show. But, let us watch and wait without prejudging the matter as there are only a few days to go until the announcement, and any
speculation at this point is otiose.

Not only is speculation nugatory, but it invites the knee-jerk hate and stupidity from the low information left, the media and the likes of the execrable Wonkette. The point is why should Trump, if he chooses to run, not have the same fair forum for his ideas as the left, salivating, is giving Bernie Sanders whose eccentricity tops anything Trump is alleged to have?

Trump has, over time, set out a strong populist set of ideas and ideals which have, surely, an appeal to the great mass of working people whose jobs have either disappeared or are at great risk. Their anxieties should, surely be addressed fairly and openly. 

Should Trump's prescriptions be found to not have validity after fair and unbiased discussion, then an alternative set of ideas will have been produced to counter the ills which must be a good thing. To prevent such an unfolding of constructive dialogue by ridicule and hate hits, not Trump, but the very people the left is supposed to represent.

Trump has voiced significant concerns about jobs being outsourced to China, has a plan for ISIS (which sets him apart from the Obama administration immediately).

There are a wealth of statements by Trump on the economy, social issues, welfare foreign policy etc. These go back a number of years and some may have evolved further in Trump's thinking. But the point is there is a strong populist and pro-worker strain running through them and they deserve a fair hearing.

Further, as he rightly points out, being independently wealthy he would not be subject to the whims, demands, or backroom deals that other prospective candidates may be. Being successful in running a major corporation, and doing substantial business overseas, has more to commend itself in the consideration of a chief executive than e.g. a freshman senator with no administrative background nor foreign experience.

When the American workers needed an independent from the monied interests champion during the great depression they turned to Franklin D. Roosevelt who they could trust because of his wealth. Trump position as an advocate is based on exactly that premise as was Ross Perot's.

"Trump For President 2016"? If he runs then let us hear what he has to say with a mind open to his concepts and free from the clutter of the haters, the media distortion and the Blogosphere's "progressive" calumnies.



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