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M. Joseph Sheppard's Post Report 06/01/15 Media Hypocrisy (Schieffer/Newsweek)

myfairlady at C4P

"Bob Schieffer to Fox’s Kurtz: Maybe Media Wasn’t ‘Skeptical Enough’ of Obama
"CBS’ Bob Schieffer signed off from Face the Nation today and sat down with Fox News’ Howard Kurtz to share his thoughts on the changing media landscape and whether the media has certain pro-establishment or pro-Democratic biases.
Schieffer said that maybe people like him were too cozy with people in power, but at least back in the days when that was prevalent, people knew each other, were friendly to each other, and “the town worked a lot better.”
Kurtz asked him if the media gave Obama an “incredibly easy ride” when he first appeared on the national stage. Schieffer admitted the political world was rather struck by how dynamic a figure Obama was and conceded, “Maybe we were not skeptical enough.” "
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And I say  thanks to "myfairlady" for her insight, and add that this is exactly the same shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted leftist cowardice that we saw at Newsweek. 

In their final print edition they suddenly found the Obama was
an "Inscrutable an disturbing phenomena." 

Schieffer is a long time Dem shill and Palin hater as was obvious at the 2008 Republican convention when the gathered crowd took to him and NBC.
Wonkette-The Queen of grift's Abode

The utterly bald faced hypocrisy at Wonkette continues apace. The site has forever castigated Governor Palin for being a "grifter" yet their site is loaded top to bottom with begging ads "you pay our rent" and etc. Beyond rent there has been heartfelt pleas for booze and cigarette money and, incredibly, for someone to donate a rent free apartment in D.C.!

Now, taking advantage of the naivety and stupidity of the low life drifters and perverts that infest the site Schoenkopf is touting that "my husband" (she loves using those words as she has been a spinster right up to age 40 when she got knocked up and got a poor sod to marry her) has designed "Bernie Sanders for President" t-shirts.

As is her wont she is begging her suckers to cough up $22 for this dreck "because we need the money."  That she previously was willing to walk over coals for Hillary doesn't matter when sweet sweet grift is in sight of course. My advice would be if you need the money, and have a baby on the way, then get a real job instead of running a blog for idiots.

Ross Douthat Surrenders In The Culture Wars

Conservative Catholic Ross Douthat at The New York Times utterly throws in the towel on the "social wars" and advises, based on opinion polls which as we saw in the U.K. are worthless as people tell interviewers what they think they are supposed to say,  that "In just 15 years, we have gone from being a society divided roughly evenly between progressive and traditionalist visions to a country where social conservatism is countercultural and clearly in retreat."

He is wrong on the "15 years" as he forgets that the 2004 presidential election was run by the GOP very much on social conservatism. If the 2008 financial collapse had not happened in September of that year McCain had every chance of winning and America would be a very different place in the social sphere today.

It has been the judicial activists, not the people by referendum changing the marriage scene for the most part. As the Republicans control most of the legislatures in America and the presidency is an irrelevancy in these matters it will be the courts, not the people, that determine where this ends up. 

Where he is right is that the same arguments put up for same-sex marriage are perfectly valid for polygamy, which he sees as inevitable. 

He will be correct if course if the same forces currently pushing for "liberalism" i.e. Hollywood and the leftist media, and especially the activist judiciary are still in control from 2016 (the presidency being irrelevant). 

But he stops short, what is up next is multiple same-sex marriage unless the sickness that has spread through society is halted. A Convention of States may well be the last chance to hear the voice  of the people.

A Miracle-A Positive BlogPost About Palin

With all the never ending trash being thrown at Governor Palin it is heartwarming to see the occasional supportive article like:
at > @AskMarion "Sarah Palin can win the presidential election in 2016 and is exactly what America needs."


Martin O'Malley-King Of Chutzpah

How Martin O'Malley can have the chutzpah to mount a presidential campaign after the disaster that is his former city is beyond me-and he actually has support:Michael Hirsch at @politico asks "Can Martin O’Malley Take Flight?"
Can I win Lotto? Can John Edwards make a comeback?

Well the activists got what they wanted in Baltimore-the police to "stand back" and this is , of course, the result

May has seen 40 homicides so far, making it Baltimore's deadliest month since 1996. Shootings have more than doubled compared to May 2014

arrests have plummeted since April's unrest in Baltimore, with 1,177 people arrested so far in May compared to 3,801 in same month last year.

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