Friday, June 26, 2015

M.Joseph Sheppard Post Report 06/26/15:Trump's Not Pat Robertson/Palin Hater Media Midgets Abound

Mitch Halperin and John Heilemann discuss presidential candidate Donald Trump's "surprising numbers" i.e. the fact that he is, immediately after launching his campaign, in second place in New Hampshire.

The pair, rightly show up the various talking heads who express shock and awe at Trump's rise. I have elsewhere described this as a rude awakening for a snobby media class who just don't get it because they don't have any connection with the real world where the person in the street lives.

Halperin is in error though when he states that Trump's rise should have been seen as it is a mirror image of Pat Robertson's success in the same state. He ascribes Robertson's and Trump's success due to a connection with the man in the street on populist issues (which again escape the media snobs).

The error is in not recognizing that Robertson's success also had a strong element of his Evangelical connection. That Trump is doing so well without an overt Evangelical connection makes his achievement, so far, even more impressive than Robertson's.

That is confirmed by Trump, in a poll subsequent to this video, also being in second place, remarkably, nationwide.

Sarah Palin, through her trials and tribulations,(the latest being of course her daughter Bristol's broken engagement and pregnancy) which would have made Jog give up altogether, stands as a rock of Christian faith and commitment through all the trials brought upon her by a hateful leftist media,mad haters and Democratic party scoundrels. 

I have expanded on this HERE ("Palin is Job") but will just add that my admiration for this woman is boundless and I am proud to have been a supporter for so long. Whether she advances politically or retires solely to business matters I wish her, and hers, every happiness. How she puts up with all the rubbish thrown at her is beyond my understanding-again it can only be a product of faith.
Speaking of the above all the midgets,ankle biters and whale's lice have come out to froth and gibber and hate on Palin after she has parted ways with Fox. Special recognition for being absolute jerks goes to:

Vanity Fair's @JamesWolcott calls palin "brittle relic of yesterday" but he is a nobody, never was and never will be-she's done better

Doug Mataconis leads charge of nobodies/never were's 2pronounce Palin done (again)She'll be around when they are gone 

Politico's @mikeallen with site's PDS "Fox drops Sarah Palin" "Fox confirms amicably parted ways" So Palin may have quit not been "dropped'?

@DanielBukszpan<"freelance" i.e. unemployed writer another nobody hack attack "It's so over for (of 100 most important Americans) Palin"