Tuesday, August 4, 2015

UPDATE 2; Massive Swing to The Trump Block;Elite Pundits Blind to "Trump Vote Block" +50% Of GOP Vote

Update 2. Morning Consult 8/10 confirms "Trump Vote Block" over 50% 

Trump up massive 9 points from NBC poll to 32% Details at link. Cruz support massive bleed to Trump.

Trump 32% Carson 9%  Cruz 4%!! Huckabee 4%  Perry 1% !!
Santorum 1% Jindal >1%  Total  51%

Reuters Ipso (Republicans in middle column)


UPDATE 1: First post-debate poll shows "Trump Vote Block" now up 5 points to 55% and the Establishment Block shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. NBC/Survey Monkey

The previous Blocks performance was Trump Block 49% Establishment block 37% and Paul 5%.

With the NBC poll they settle out at:
Trump Block 55%   Establishment Block 27%  Paul 5%   
Basically Fiorina has taken 6 points from Jeb/Christie/Kasich! so despite all the media's blatherings the base, has grown in power.