Saturday, August 8, 2015

Fiorina's Utterly Dumb "I Stand With Megyn" Ploy.

I have to believe this is actually Fiorina's  Twitter account as it says "verified." I have to believe it is the dumbest political move ever seen-well at least in this political cycle.

Carly FiorinaVerified account I stand with .

Leaving aside whether or not there is validity in calling Trump misogynist, and yes, I can understand some fainting couch ladies might see it as such rather than an outburst in response to overt goading and historical attacks on Trump, politically it is utterly stupid.

Fiorina has a press bump, as Trump rightly called it, for supposedly "winning" the second tier debate against a bunch of no-hopers. She achieved the glowing media reviews in part because she launched an attack on Trump advising that she had never given money to the Clintons. 

This was grist to the left's mill of course which should have disqualified Fiorina for breaking the "Reagan rule" alone. And of course it was brought up by Don Lemon when he interviewed Trump on CNN the next day.

What that did was to put a full stop on any career possibilities for Fiorina in a Trump administration and the vice-presidency is of course a ridiculous idea as far as she is concerned.

But if her calculation was that by attacking Trump pre-major debate and by aligning her self with Megan Kelly of all people she would garner the VP spot for Jeb or a role in his administration that is utterly foolish.

If, by her machinations Trump was brought down and Jeb or a similar character got the nomination, and she was included in the ticket, does she really believe that the base, which has swarmed to Trump in unprecedented numbers would actually forgive her and vote for Bush/Fiorina she is in cloud cuckoo land.

What would happen in the terrible eventuality of such a ticket is that the millions of conservatives who stayed home when Romney ran would have their ranks swelled by huge numbers. Not only that it would seem a certainly that such a ticket, created by animosity to Trump would force his hand into running as an independent-which he very publicly did not rule out.

If Fiorina succeeds in alienating women from Trump, succeeds in having a RINO at the top of the ticket and worst of all succeeds in getting the VP nod then the upshot would be a Trump Indie run and the same destruction wrought on the GOP as she wrought on HP.

As I said-a dumb move.

In passing were are all these fainting couch women when Palin was being called every filthy name under the sun? When the left was (and still is) saying that her baby Trig was not her own and that she faked his birth? the rank hypocrisy is disgusting. The quicker this woman departs it will be the better for any chance the GOP has.

"Carly Fiorina, the only woman put in a strikingly strong performance at the debate for second-tier candidates by trashing Donald Trump's conservative credentials and promising to "put America back in the leadership business".
Mrs Fiorina pointed out that the billionaire had donated to both Bill Clinton's global charity and to Hillary Clinton's 2000 senate campaign before calling into question his conservative bonafides.
"Since he has changed his mind on amnesty, on health care and on abortion, I would just ask, what are the principles by which he will govern?" she asked."