Sunday, August 9, 2015

UPDATED Poll; Who Might Be Trump's Vice-President? Vote Here

UPDATE: I ran this poll in September and it garnered considerable interest then. With Trump the only candidate with a chance to get to 1237 delegates and the nomination I thought it of value to run it again as it seems likely he will be in a position to choose his running mate.

Here are the results of the original (one vote per person) poll
This is how the betting at Ladbrokes stands today-people putting real money down lends, perhaps, credence to how the various possible candidates are viewed.
Original article:
With Donald Trump leading the primary polls and delegate count by a substantial margin, attention is turning to who might be his running mate should he get the nomination.

Here is a poll which includes realistic candidates for the vital role. Some are currently his primary opponents and some are not running. 

All would bring something to the table as regards a valuable Electoral College state, gender, and ethnicity balance and experience.