Saturday, August 8, 2015

Shock Discovery;The Ten Questions Megyn Kelly Prepared For Trump

By guest contributor A. Eritas

It is alleged a cleaner found from under Megyn Kelly's chair at the GOP debate a list of questions Megyn Kelly had prepared to ask Donald Trump at the GOP debate! If this is so why she didn't ask him these is a mystery. 

Speculation is that she was so taken aback by Trump's hit back at her first "gotcha" question that she was afraid to be further humiliated by Trump or that she simply ran out of time.

Whatever the possible reason the questions can now be revealed as they have, anonymously, fallen into my hands and I present them now without comment.

1. Mr. Trump when did you stop beating your wife?

2. Do you deny that you are connected to the Mafia and that your business dealing are financed by them?

3. Isn't it true, as Harry Reid alleged of Mitt Romney that you too have not paid any taxes for the last ten years?

4. Why did you, so cruelly, strap your family dog to the top of your car and drive a thousand miles with the poor animal in distress.

5. Do you deny you were on the hunting trip with the dentist who shot and had beheaded poor Cecil the lion and you are now harboring the fugitive dentist?

6. Mr. Trump why do you hate all women

7. When Bill Clinton called you wasn't it so the both of you could gloat over your conquests of interns?

8. Do you deny that you consider that "all lives matter"

9. When you were young isn't it true you ran with a group of friends called "the choom gang"?

10. Some consider the "Anti-Christ" will be preceded by "The Beast" do you deny that that is in fact yourself?