Thursday, August 6, 2015

There Never Was Nor May Be Again This Incredible Outburst Of Support For Palin

I read with nostalgia and with much sadness over what might have been (those terrible three words which haunt our days) the article by Gary Jackson at his "A Time For Choosing" site where he presented Stacy Drake's overview of the Palin hatchet job movie "Game Change'.

The article, correctly excoriates the McCain team who, when their "advice" to suspend McCain's campaign during the 2008 financial crisis blew up, took to Palin with gusto as the scapegoat for their failure. The article, again correctly, quotes a liberal:

"People who are honest and who paid attention during the campaign know what happened in 2008. Eric Schnurer, the liberal founder and president of Public Works has noted:
When the economy (and McCain campaign) collapsed, the McCain-Palin ticket was ahead and just about every Democratic consultant I knew believed they were headed to victory – and that was largely because of Palin, whose selection galvanized a base that McCain needed and otherwise lacked."
I have brought together in one place a number of university studies which clearly show that not only did Palin not cause McCain to lose she helped his campaign even when it was at its nadir. Yet another Palin myth exploded, but which still lives on in the imbecilic minds of some haters and low info voters where it surfaces from time to time on Twitter. 

This sadness at the just pure bad luck to have the economy crash weeks out before the election when, if it hadn't Palin would have been vice-president and, if McCain had lost in 2012, the leading GOP candidate right now, was ameliorated by a dip into the purest joy ever expressed at her selection and convention speech.

The Hillary support site "Hillaryis44" has been doggedly loyal, whilst unusually for a support site, strongly critical when it felt it was necessary, of Hillary Clinton. The site and its mass of hugely loyal readers was, in my opinion, beyond devastated when Senator Obama took the nomination (by means fair and foul the site believes) and the outpourings of hate towards Obama and incredible welcome to Governor Palin was unprecedented and still is unsurpassed.

Clearly there was a strong outpouring of "I told you so" towards the Obama team when his convention speech was overshadowed. When Palin "hit it out of the park" in Minneapolis the sites readers went into a nirvana of  Palin supporting ecstatic outpourings with many attacking Obama for not choosing Hillary as his VP.

Well we all know how things ended. badly for Hillary and McCain. Tragically for America having to suffer the insufferable for eight years. For Palin, the final chapter is still not written as she soldiers on at her own pace and where her God leads her, and the denouement may be a happy one for her and America. 

Whilst we await the next act in the endless play that is political life and, for me at least, their is a chance to revisit happier times with this encyclopedia type outpouring of, excitement, joy, retribution and wonder as can only come from the distaff side in its splendor. 

Here are the two articles with their seemingly endless comment sections from late August and early September 2008 which open a Beethoven like "Ode To Joy" in words.


ARTICLE 1 August 29th  McCain chooses Palin 1068 comments    AT THIS LINK

Funeral In Denver

[Waiting for McCain announcement of Vice Presidential choice. We’ll update as soon as the potentially shocking and historic news is 100% confirmed.
UPDATE: It is Sarah Palin for McCain’s VP.
Quick thoughts in one paragraph:
This is a shocking and brilliant choice by McCain
ARTICLE 2 The day after Palin's Convention address 1,148 comments AT THIS LINK

Breaking News: A Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin Shocker

It can now be reported.
Following months of investigation by intrepid Big Pink investigators in collaboration with Big Media and Big Blog busybodies the real story of what went on behind the Hillary Clinton campaign can now be told.
The shocker rocking the political world is that throughout the primary campaign Hillary Clinton was pregnant. It was only recently, after the unDemocratic convention in Denver that Hillary finally gave birth. The gestation period lasted more than 44 years.
The shocker on top of this shock is that Hillary’s baby is non other than the Governor of Alaska, now the Republican Vice Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin. We will provide photographic proof of this amazing conception as soon as kooky Big Blogs post the shocking photos.